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Friday, November 4, 2011

Being Messed With In Albuquerque Greyhound

At least two hick idiots have attempted the same interrigation style tactics as in years prior.

My companion and I were smart enough to not reveal information.

I awoke to confusion in the station due to a bus gate line being near us, one of the said hicks trying to take advantage of my comapnion's weary state.

I awoke displeased at a bus station being used as a social scene and my northeast accent and heavy use of explicatives let the idiots around here know that bus stations are places where we traditionally mind our own business, unless one wants trouble.

Then an older Black male (Greyhound is infamous for the use of the American Houseslave) demanded to know what direction we were going in even though my telling him we werent going east should have sufficed. Typically, part of gang stalking always involves interrogation and also mind games including control. The demand for submission to nosy staff or security at Greyhound with information that is private or unecessary is very typical of Greyhound's style of organized harassment. I was tired, I used a debit card and my real name..I expected some trouble on the bus but not any bullsh*t in the terminal.

Whats interesting is the fact they seem to need me to reveal my plans which makes me question if its a mind game or if they genuinely cannot access this information otherwise.

All the assholes got was perhaps security vid of me being slightly amusing being woken up pissed off.

Also I try not to acknlowledge any African male authority nowadays unless absolutely necessary, largely due to gross abuse of power in gang stalking experiences natiowide, specifically on Blackhoun....I mean Greyhound.

BTW, i have a nice camera on my phone. I also have learned well from my tormenters and will in return find it easy to make life miserable for anyone who wants to get cute.

Do not mess with me on this ride. Anyone interested is now on alert.

Oh..also you can bite me. Smarten up and realize that old tactics dont work and one trick ponies are the most pathetic creatures alive. Gang stalkers are nothing more than one trick ponies to be certain, which is why they insist on destroying creative, special people often, systematically.


Anonymous said...

one trick ponies, haha LMAO, I love the creative writing.

Anonymous said...

A theory of mine: Gangstalkers (or the ones they take orders from) start wars in order to win, thus destroying their rival competition. It is competitive by nature, warlike, sportlike, animalike. I have come to the conclusion that the human being is a very vicious creature that inspires retaliation in other humans, a vicious circle of anger and hate, and vengeance. It can be so sickening, disgusting, then again so releiving the realization I am not one of them anymore, but I a more advanced form of human. When this advancement happens it is very difficult to stomach the not advanced humans, and easy to sense the thoughts and feeling of these more ignorant ones leaving the advanced to feel as if so many humans are dumbasses and know nothing about virtue, and everything about primitive stupidity.

Kevin R said...

fascism- A totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often hatred of another race or races.

You're being attacked by very clever people. I know it's hard, but try to remember that focusing your anger on blacks is probably not where you should be directing it.

Not everyone is as courageous as you, but everyone has to live in what is occurring in this country. Be careful out there, and try to remember that most people are good, and they don't understand what is happening to you.