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Friday, November 25, 2011

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Anonymous said...

That is true. There are also a lot of "one-shots" or "one-timers" I see, like when I get confronted by a group of persons or one person, and then I never see them again. Again, this is an obvious gangstalking maneuver, because I cover a lot of the same territory over and over again in the same town over a span of months. And it happens so rarely, but when it happens, it stands out in some way for a long time.

But to see a group of kids, adults, whatever it is, just one time, and they happen to be questioning me about certain things, and then they tell me to "keep walking". And it always is the same exact set of questions every time I get "stopped" by these groups. And then I may see them a few more times and then, never again do they cross my path.

A second tactic is to mirror anything I'm posting here, such as what I'm posting now or anything else I post to your blog, by having a group or whatever waiting for me. And mirroring tactics can be broken down into many categories. Like when I'm reading comments posted somewhere, and one commenter addresses another, and it sounds so much like that commenter is actually targeting me. And I may get my sentiments that I aimed at other perps, like the commenter is chastising the other, telling him he's dumb, and to get a life, etc. And it's frustrating, because I feel strongly that that is what these operatives they send after me are like, and what they should be doing (ie dumb and need to get a life).

Is that all these operatives and shills do, just mirror everything back to the target in a negative way? That's one third of the modus operandi of the perps and their system they support. Just mirroring the target and sometimes mixing in some demeaning stuff? Really, so hypocritical, but I feel this hypocrisy is yet another facet of the psych warfare. But they really go out of their way to defend anything their idiots do sometimes. I cannot even think of a retaliatory insult to some goon harassing me, without them punishing me for it later. How dare I call a dumbshit with no life just that? Oh wait, they can't allow it, because it was psych warfare. How dare I insult the geniuses mumbling insults or belittling me? All I did was think it privately to myself. Oh but their tech has subvocalization, which can record a target's inner voice, so I can't run from that either.

So much of psych warfare is a complete farce, yet I even get family members ganging up on me and going along with this horsecrap.