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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its working. The poor are extremely ignorant and the homeless black women I eavesdrop on dont know how things come to be.
They believe Obama is doing his job. They say he is the one that killed Osama Bin as if military actions depend on presidential actions, perhaps but its all planned. Just as planned Obama gets cred for destroying a major bad guy.

The bitch about Bush. They say he didnt do shit that he messed up while in office. She doesnt know how he got in-that he cheated. Which is true.

What is so disappointing is many people dont even know where G W Bush comes from nor his father. They dont really associate him with his father's

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how dumass amerikans are proud of Bin Laden being killed. Why are these people glad that a good man was murdered in cold blood. The people that killed him are murderers no different than gangstalkers. When gangstalkers start dying I will then scream out in gladness how justice was served.