Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship

Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship
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What Furture Will Be If We Keep Supporting Companies Like Boston Dynamics (Minus The Stupid Ending)

Ok so this is obviously the atypical British ideals of quests, knights, Holy Grail (beer at World's End) and anarchy which is the ending of this movie. It's pretty cool and a bit funny til the World's End pub scene where drunk guys defend humanity's ridiculous shortcomings and the intergalactic order destroys the area in an oddly disorderly, messy dramatic explosion. Can't say I didn't like the homeless community living scenes with zero tech.



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Saturday, November 5, 2011

How The GS Psych Warfare System Destroys TIs Future Growth

One of the psychological warfare tactics is to always make the TI feel bad. Especially survivors of mind control are kept isolated as TIs by perps making fun of every aspect of the enslavement that was necessary to create and perpetuate mind control.

Commenting that I am 'so sheltered' has always been a frequent one and working on that theme.

This of course is humiliating the TI with a condition of living originally created by the system to begin with.

It hasnt occured in some time but the memory is in there, and is triggered by my actions now. Such as trying out different radio stations internationally on an app. Shocked at how American culture saturates so much of it. Then I become self critical and self censoring, as this experience is then linked to that past perception by perps, instead of my experiencing this as discovery, expanding-learning something new.

The perps destroy a TI over time by stopping any positive future growth in this way. It takes alot of Will and some anchoring to Spirit to keep anything positive at all.

You're basically being brainwashed to hate your own Self for the rest of your life...conditioned to do so.

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Anonymous said...

Being shelterred is not really negative. People need shelter, people want shelter. Gentle people tend to appear shelterred because of the soft hearts they have. There is nothing wrong with being gentle. I understand how it can trigger negativelty though by it just not being any of their f'n business. Please tell me where I can meet real life t.i's, because I am ready to go out there and really show these g.stlkers the consequence of mobbing, and the such.