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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Romney Scum 2012: Hayden Is On Foreign Policy Team

Is there no end to the indicators this guy is respresentative of the worst elements of power in recent history?

When the hell is this going to be over? Each party choice sucks....theres nowhere to turn.

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Anonymous said...

I was watching the news how the governmnet has a yearly tradition to save one lucky turkey for thanksgiving, and they look at it and pet it like they love the turkey being saved while they sit and eat another turkey the next day. It then came to me how the control of everyone and how and when they will do something. It's like when they say do this, everyone does this, when they say do that everyone do that
.Go shopping when they tell you, eat this when they say, now it's ok to do this, feel bad when they say it's ok , then when it's ok with them feel good and celebrate. I say they are shit, and fuck there traditional bullshit, i do things when I FUCKING SAY I will.