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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Loves Truck Stop Yuma AZ, harassment from managers

Loves truck stop in Yuma AZ. Tallish man, lower manager Aaron Wade has been basically profiling us and harassing myself and travel partner since we walked into the store yesterday. We did not solicit on the property such as rides nor money. He assumed due to outr appearence. He has gone beyond what is appropriate by asking us our destination, travel plans etc and even our progress each time he saw us. I am trained to not fall into psych traps. my companion was sucked into being baited with directed conversation just now and even confronting the manager about the conversation was enoigh to give him cause to ask us to never enter the store again.

We were simply buying things a few times a day or using rest room. One instance he said we could leave our backpacks outside, which is not appropriate either.

When questioned just now by me abkut the incident, he used every excuse and pretzel logic i have heard before. There are no signs posted about back packs, travelers or the limit.of frequency.of patronage to the store. He actually tried to claim there was a how many times a patron could frequent the store. He claimed that the truckers gas up and leave, and they dont get paid to sit. This was stated with a certsin amount of aggression, and conviction. The intimiation was that as travelers, we dont get paid, becuz we do indeed do alot of sitting.

I informed him that a driver who spoke to me earlier in conversation told me he was stuck at Loves until Sunday to get loaded with what he is hauling. Thus this trucker will most likely be frequenting the store repeatedly for days. Aaron informed me that if a customer is seen more than once the employees are to call security then the customer is questioned. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous.

I highly doubt if this country's hard working men in trucking would put up with that, but the way the powers that be are utilizing corporate entities to try to break them down and get the industry totally controlled, you never know.
Truckers are not these stereotypical predators as they are marketed. Corporate types are just as predatory, the only difference is hiding behind class..and a suit.

Best giveaway that this was not simply harassment of travelers was when Aaron said in this conversation "Especially in your situation, you may think its you specifically."

What, exsctly is my situation? This is gang stalking, or its someone trying to exploit a person being targeted.
That statement along with the constant attention to us (stalking) as well as asking our travel plans (info gathering) is all indicative of the organized stalking and harassment system.

This statement, one that is certainly meant to intimidate the Target, can be taken two ways: "your situation" might be intimating being a Targeted Individual or it may be trying to hint at being a paranoid schizophrenic, the typical condition used as a cover story for many TI cases.

His behavior is atypical of what I have dealt with for years-people abusing power, blaming their unseen superiors and making thngs up to explain the situation, as if they believe the victim is too naive to understand their legal rights.

He did of course blame his boss, who of course we never see. There was a definate set up last night and there was a very fat man in a red shirt involved, who could be that manager. My companion noticed thst as we approached, staff in store scrambled as if 'places everybody' had been announced.

We were made to feel uncomfortable and all we did was walk in, look at a pair of sandals and walk out. A loud "SECURITY CHECK" was heard as we walked out.

I also note over the years that perps believe they are owed something in life, that society owes them something or they have been cheated. As usual, this is usually a bad quality attached to the TI as slander and smear to make the person look worse. My abusive mother for instance, used to accuse me of this when i was just a child. That I wanted everything handed to me on a silver platter. Everyone knows my mother was always neurotically jealous of me, due to her own inhability to face her own shit.....and her extremely controlling mother and pedophile, abusive father. Whether in families, communities or governments, Whistle blowers are usually targeted, punished and shunned-simply for telling the truth.

Earlier I inquired as to his long hours. He replied " I live here". Most perps believe they are either the worlds most hardworking human being or that society has denied them a chance in life. This is usually their rationale for being a perp.

Notice, that a person like myself who has been tortured and not even allowed my basic human and civil rights in my own country, much less allowed opportunity, CHOOSES not to sell out to such a system.

These are people who take the easy way out. These are people who have to destroy others to survive. Due to its covert nature, much of society engages in gs due to lack of proper consequences by a justice system of law and order.

I suspect that AZ is still pulling Hayden era harassment due to either the strong right wing Rebuplican presence, or military or even Mormons-all of which tie into Romney and Bush heavily.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This system sucks. The people they employ suck. All they do is accuse us of their wrongdoings. I don't see how they are going to establish a leadership with that kind of founding principle.

Keep fighting. The world sucks now, but we can fight and make it better than it would be had we not been here in the first place. Let them laugh. Let them make fools and asses of themselves. After all, they are cattle being driven by sick demented people who think we are weirdos, stupid, and whores just because we aren't one of them.