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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extreme Weather Ceases Effects Of Being Targeted

I am in an area where there is major storm warnings. Like 70mph winds etc. We simply could not get a ride out.


This has occured repeatedly when I find myself in circumstances that are dangerous like impending storms or other things where authorities would be focused on other things.

I wonder if this is due to these groups being funded to keep targeted persons under control for national security with technologies or even as part of some black budgeted project where this is one of their functions to abuse power in this way but they dont divulge this officially. Or perhaps what is now 'official' and even legal to do to members of the public like myself is simply beyond my the scope of knowledge of someone at my level.

The other theory is that the weather being extreme destroys the effectiveness of whatever is in use to cause these effects. Could it be that each place has been profiled according to its normal weather pattern and that if it deviates from this the tech in that area does not function accordingly?

At times like these I know exactly what my situation is about. I dont feel nervous or anxiety ridden or childlike or dumbed down. I dont have difficulty making decisions or taking action. Being targeted makes you basically retarded. And constant harassment from strangers doesnt help.
GS is not aptly named. Its a simplified name for something much more in depth and sinister. Its very serious and life threatening. The culminative effect of being targeted by 'gang stalking' campaigns is being reduced to a childlike state where you basically live in a combo of denial but yet suffer being tormented by the reality of what is happening to you.

And at times like these I know damn well what happened to me. No one wanted to deal with me. I was percieved as f*cked up and damaged and the people around me who were in my life didnt want to deal with the responsibility. Blacks seem very in on the NWO and gs campaigns. And the treatment targets get resembles the heartless, abusive tough and ignorant way they treat thier own children. And its very Republican right as well, NeoCon. It also resembles Christian beatings to get a child to behave accordingly. It also resembles the military hard ass way of getting soldiers programmed.

Each of these groups have taken over the power over our country in the past fifteen years or so and each one is very dangerous- and each one either has a way to hide or a good front to fool the public with.

What happened to me is that Julie, Jake, my mother and her family all did not want to get exposed for what they are really about. It seems they and their numerous powerful friends and connections who assisted them all benefit from me being silenced.

I am one single poor powerless person up against multiple people with money and connections. My mother was always in with some group that had covert power and she mentioned the syndicate yet it keeps me from informants that its police connections. Julie of course is an untouchable career criminal protected by local police, very powerful clients, important friends and even family members. Not to mention various crime organizations of many ethnicities.

What is so hurtful about being targeted is that so many nobodies across the nation seem involved. There CANNOT be that many operatives planted in various places around the country. Its as if normal people are in on this simply becuz they support the target's life being destroyed for the sake of rich, important people or they percieve say, family members as more worthy. The things humans do more as animals than conscious beings is numerable yet they do it anyway. And there are more numerous humans that behave as animals especially in America, than behave as human beings. America by its nature breeds greed, snobbery and mindless competitiveness.

Also my being sacrificed is seen as negligible. Many people around the US seem guilty faced yet none of them really feel its wrong. No one truly cares. This is what people hate about America. This is why we were bombed if indeed 9-11 wasnt a set up. Americans lie about being good and having wonderful morals. They will destroy anyone they have to like animals to get what they want. Covert actions by American forces or to support American interests is often what creates desperate actions by foriegn countries. And then everyone simply denies such things exist and simply snickers with their backs turned basically- just like they do to individual Targets.

The likes of someone like Carmen one of the black shelter rats in Boston, MA is a good gauge of what people think of the Target. That horrid woman was always letting me hear her say things like "No one cares about HER". Shes right though. As usual blacks speak as out of the mouth of babes: they innocently speak the truth in its harshness. She is correct that is the basic attitude.
America and the people who helped ensure I am tortured daily are too busy having a good time, and succeeding in life to care about me. I was 'inconvenient' to alot of people so I was removed and put out of the way.

TIs are considered simply the losers in the American system. And when we become lone shooters or terrorists then their asshole accomplices in law enforcement and the feds move in with hero bullshit consisting of saving the world from one more schizo or 'lone extremist'. Me even writing this makes me look like I deserve to be targeted for being un-American to begin with.
That asshole bitch mother of mine is the perfect, model American: shes immature, greedy, loves Disneyland and Xmas, and is a viscous, self serving sneaky piece of sh*t who will sell out her own kid to make herself and her immediate family look good on the outside, to provide a good front. My mother has actually done what is EXPECTED of a loyal American citizen and I am percieved as justifyably an enemy of the state.

In the end everyone involved is so stupid, so in denial and so controlled by the abusive authority that they continue to write me off as a complaining immature childish spolied brat who deserved what she got and is making this all up or over dramatizing.

Thats usually how abusive, dysfunctional families AND THEIR COMMUNITIES deal with that one renegade kid from said family that acts out the most and then tells the truth about whats really going on behind closed doors in that house.
I have seen this time and time again. Laws protecting people from abuse, PC and all the other Liberal crap doesnt work when humans dont want to admit shit happens on THEIR own block. I have seen numerous families and communities protect pedophiles and other screw ups, for various selfish motives. Americans, existing in an ultimately dysfunctional situation are no different.

In moments like these I wonder why I am overweight and where has the age on my face come from. Its like waking up out of a dream state, the best way to describe the effects of whatever is used on both individuals, groups and populations.

I know I can make a simple statement on video or get a lawyer....but soon enough the sleep state comes again and I am once again reduced to minimal brain power, fleeting memories, and a scared confused feminized child.

The years pass by me like I am already dead. I know this is not the way my life should have ended up..but what else is there? This is the timeline the powers have chosen. I lose, I die, I dont get to be happy and I suffer.

Its unreal to TIs bexuz its not supposed to be going this way and we know that. Its a totally fabricated false reality. One we try to break out of daily to no avail.


Anonymous said...

American culture can be defined as so dull and boring that the masses just act like they are fun and happy. It's odd how alot of people portray that they are fun happy people. How can they be this when they are either rich selfy consumery morons, or poor working class slaves.

Kevin R said...

Your words, believe it or not, make me feel more empathy for my parents. These people that were closest to you obviously can't handle the reality you HAVE to face.

I know I have to talk about it because if I don't, I feel extremely hurt. It's absolutely frightening how everything is set up so that the more vulnerable I make myself out of necessity, the more likely I will be disbelieved and shunned by other people.

What you're doing is the scariest thing I can think of. Yet I know that it is required. It is required because when we experience grief and loss, we have to talk about it over and over again with other people. That's what makes us HUMAN BEINGS.

I try to be patient with myself and others, and I'm taking small steps.

Never stop talking about what is being done to you.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. As a TI, I find your writings often reflect my own thoughts about being targeted. Theres some comfort in knowing there are other real TI's who feel the same.
We are the modern day "scapegoats" in this sick, hypocritical society.

Anonymous said...

Had one person last night invite me over to the bar for a drink. It was a very polite invitation, and it's always been that every time I accept and go to the bar, it's odd that I don't get harassed there like usual. Then later, I got pissed, severely, about their system, and was really angry, and I heard another informant call my name very politely. And it's odd how at certain hours, the gangstalking hordes all of a sudden are no where to be found. It's like they are prepped to go out and harass. In front of every bar or club, was a ton of women heckling and harassing me. Then I saw a guy saying something like an arrogant prick about "he never made it through high school", when they know damned well I have a masters in EE. Well, that Masters in EE doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot when you're a target, and they know it. Hence, the arrogant GS prick saying the remark about high school. They tried that before: directed conversation about some guy who "never graduated from college". Wrong again.

I'm being punished basically for not taking the easy way out, while little mousy women show off and laugh loud in a group when I pass. I walked past on the same side of the sidewalk as they were on later, and they were slurring their speech, smoking, and they were strangely quiet this time. This I have found to be a consistent patter, people being brave and harassing hard when they are at a distance, but going quiet when I get close to them. And those women perps were kind of trashy, like they barely made it through high school, and they were heckling me, a guy with a graduate degree in engineering from a highly-ranked university. This is also a consistent pattern, getting harassed by obvious inferiors with a large group. Funny how if you pass the same demographic of women when they are alone coming out of their houses when you pass, they look all scared and quiet. But in their pack, they act like they own the world.

And I told the informant politely coming up to me probably to smooth things over with the system, and I just kept saying loudly Fuck you, I do not want to make concessions with you, I just want you to DIE!!! And fuck off. That was my way of telling them I will accept no concessions. It is unacceptable to be harassed and psy-opped till I fucking bleed like this, and no manner of smoothing things over with me and sitting down with me to talk things over is not going to happen, ever. Tell them to fuck off and die, like I did.

Anonymous said...

The media is a lynch mob unto itself. I'm sure you've heard of the Penn State "Abuse Scandal" (as the media sickos are calling it). Everywhere on the 'net, every online news site was calling for "JoePa" to "do the right thing and step down". And so the gutless Penn State board of trustees cowered and give in to the media and fired Paterno. This is a man who did a hell of a lot for the university for 61 years, turned down salary increases, and gave a lot of what he did make to the school. Oh but the powers that be want to destroy all tradition, and we can't have a tradition like the Joe Paterno/Penn State tradition.

And there are a hell of a lot of worse people than Sandusky provoking targets and they have the full protection of the system. Hell, at least 5 times per day I get attacked by a member of "their" faceless mob, provoking the shit out of me with laughing and other crap, by worthless losers. And the timing of Jerry Sandusky being finally charged is kinda odd, too. Really, there are like 14 sex offenders living in this town, and there are a lot of those Sandusky types going along with organized stalking, who will never be brought to light because the System protects these worthless bums.