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Saturday, November 19, 2011

CVS Pharmacy

CVS has been a place where I have experienced a few different kinds of gs activity. Nationwide, this chain pumps out remote influence in thier stores that is pure torture and it only begins when.entered and only ceases after exiting the building.

Interesting that in their list of controversies that in 2005 there were so many mistakes with meds in the Boston area. In 2003 or 2004 my ex Jake's guitarist friend from Watertown (a very short blonde), his girlfriend was working at the Brighton MA pharmacy. My prescribed sedatives half went missing and I reported it. I think it was part of some attempt to frame me. Recently an old friend from Boston now in Las Vegas, who cant stay off drugs, baited me with his recalling seeing an article on the internet where my own mother was in court or talking to the FBI testifying my pills were indeed stolen. Pretty strange that a woman who was part of my gas lighting gets to testify on my behalf becuz I never recieved a subpeona.

But that is exactly what would go in if you were trying to frame someone as mentally ill and incompetent for testimony.

Remember cover stories concerning MK Ultra related activity etc must be maintained. GS would not be possible without intimidating or recruiting those closest to the Targeted person. What is so annoying about this story is that, if true, the original radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra (documented) is actually now helping that very system against the public and other victims.
Watch the Presidents Advisory vids again of the 1995 committee, the people that actually did show up.speak of harassment so severe they fear for their lives. Not only will this force many weaker people to stop pursuing justice it may also force some people with illegal activity or scams (her lawsuits and hiding money under my name without permission-essentially identity fraud) to turn to their side and help screw over whistleblowers or victim witnesses.

Which is exactly what happened it seems.

CVS is a company very close to my hometown. It also seems to have had much to answer for.

The overt harassment and mind games by the management of CVS in Brighton MA was outrageous as was most harassment in that community.

With what we know now about the technologies, its totally possible to pump in mass mind control just the way older in store anti-theft subliminals were used. Other TIs with tech backgrounds can elaborate more on how it works.

The height of misery seems to be those damn cell towers potentially, power lines with sensitive people, wi fi, and what seems like in house systems such as Walmart, CVS and other controlled, false environments.

Mental illness does not begin entering a building or exiting. The same chain store in variable locations? The same or similar effects each time?

The powers that be are keeping the public perception 20th century while utilizing 21st century technologies.

For note, Walgreens employees in Brookline MA and Newton MA were in on harassment and even profiling me unfairly as a.drug seeker (while Jake, the actual drug dealer goes on to work for Aerosmith and get cred in the biz for life).

However, many Walgreens nationwide also pump out what seems like remote influence, however the effects I have documented in this chain's stores are mostly positive, supportive and keeps giving me the idea to sue the hell out of everyone back home and that what was done to me was very WRONG.
Same as CVS, it begins upon entrance to physical building and ceases upon exit.

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