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Monday, November 28, 2011

Seek Sounds Of Your Ancestors To Heal and Steel

Listen to folk or ancient music of your ancestors. This activity seems to nourish and protect, through the covert wars.

Cultural warfare is part of psychological warfare it seems. And dominating populations with only specific and select cultures is a large part of brainwashing in America anyway.

It doesnt matter if you have ten different ethnic backgrounds, find out what they are and seek out pre Christian culture and music, even modern music.

You will become revitalized. Something triggered within the DNA.

America has basically banished Targets to live outside of American society anyway and perhaps internationally in any other modern country as well, so why not seek outside thier culture?

Its a form of time travel really. GS seeks to destroy the use of the imagination, the life force and take away any power to move about in society or even spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

Identify the culture or time and spaces you are being exempt from and avoid them.

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  1. So all these supreme beings we're seeing who are allowed to be part of society lack an imagination? Gee, who'da thunk it? A lot of times, I'd get harassed by punks who are basically nothing spectacular. I teach a remedial math class, and I have a lot of irresponsible types who can't seem to figure out that coming to class is actually important. So I know the types I'm dealing with. When I visited the Dean to get advice on how to deal with these types, she told me about emotional intelligence. Like, they always appear to have the smarts to do the problems I'm assigning, but don't think it's terribly important to actually show up for class and submit homework. Those are the types I see a lot when I'm out and I am getting heckled and bullied. The precise kind. Like the kids who obviously aren't doing their school work, but are out doing harassment work. And I bet they don't really have a life other than harassing and provoking. Many of my harassers have come forward and told me this, that they can't find anything better to do, and this is better than doing drugs or drinking. So they are basically keeping themselves out of trouble by doing the work of the system.

    And to think those are the people who are allowed into American society. Meanwhile, people like me who have all around intelligence: emotional metaphysical, and intellectual are being driven away from our society. And to top it off, I'm the one who appreciates what our soldiers have done to protect me and my country. These assholes who are being sent after me are not only accepted as citizens, but they have no appreciation for what these people have gone through to protect them and their homeland.

    So emotionally unintelligent types are the ones the designers want to live in our society? Is there a link between this and complacency? Or this could also mean that there is an effort to destroy this country, and we are being kept out of it, and hence, the emotionally unintelligent people are allowed because they don't appreciate anything, and are destructive.

    There is an effort to herd these types into this country. And the media is being used to manipulate the citizens into doing this as well. I have a family member who is an attorney and has studied law extensively. She condemning the actions of one particular individual who she claims was protecting an accused child molester. And the stuff she was coming up with was stuff the media had been pounding into everyone. I pointed out that as an attorney, your job is to gather unbiased facts and THEN make a decision, not based on what news reports are saying. Isn't this why they sequester jurors? So why is an attorney using what the media is saying about an accused to form judgements? Now you see how the media is being used to brainwash the masses. Hence, everyone with potential ties to media, like music performers and composers, artists, etc., are watched and then targeted full-force if necessary. That's how the system keeps their reigns over the people.