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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tucson Sucks and Heavily Targeted...Except College Area

I experienced Tucson AZ, outside the college area at least, to be HEAVILY managed/targeted by technologies. Interface content was very sophisticated. Almost like Boston or Cambridge MA, like every second , every thought interfaced. Alot of influence on self perception and much feeling watched/anxiety ridden. A great deal of feeling someone was assesing my situation currently as compared to the last time I was in Tucson, and recieving or being able to hack into that thought process by an 'other'. This was the case mostly on the bus or transit system. Like I said the collefe area was fine and anything I felt was coverage in the city area disappated once I got to the edge of the city, more desert, less built up etc. OCCUPY was lovely as usual.

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Anonymous said...

I was joking to my class about computers in the future will be like. I said, if today's computers are silicon and circuits, what will "tomorrow's" computers consist of? The answer: why, DNA computers, of course. Maybe the brains of those who die in an accident of some sort will be recycled and the matter could be put in a jar with some wiring, and it could be a DNA computer. The advantage there is that the resulting computer could have the fuzzy logic that today's computers can only imitate with software. Fuzzy-logic would be inherent in a brain-circuit computer (organic computer).

I also said that everyone's mind will be connected to the internet, much like a netbook or laptop with a wifi card. I also said everyone's brain will have its own IP address. :-) So the Big Brother Controllers can do a secure shell login to anyone's mind at will, and start a "session". :/ You figure, that sort of thing is already happening with some targets: being interfaced, and having their memories accessed by some unseen controllers. This could be what some targets are being used for, and I know this is what this is all leading up to. Everyone will be like a walking, living, breathing "internet appliance".