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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Stare Of The God In Last Post-Radiation?

One more thing.

Could that part of the story..about the strength and heat of the midday sun, being akin to the Egyptian god's stare from the sky-radiation from various sources especially Fukushima is making many people sick.
 It could be responsible for more people going completely nuts in the future though from my experience in Portland OR and the west coast in 2012 it seems to just make people into quickly aging deadened zombies. Thats how I felt in Portland til I had the sense to stop drinking the local produced milk.
 Even HOOD from this area is not as healthy as TruMoo. Anything from TX feels best and I don't know why.
 The elite continue to poison the public s minds and bodies and all they do is look at their smartphones.
 It's ridiculous.  

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