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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Foriegn Black Gang Activity In Harvard Square Used For Gang Stalking...And Libtard Terrorism Of Americans

club near Fire and Ice in Harvard Square has a large brawl usually of blacks from some shitty foreign country. no cops around and when they do arrive after 20 min of fighting they dont arrest anyone.

Ithey then terrorize the neighborhood further by walking down nearby streets to get into their cars. Tthen they are compulsed to blast the worst foriegn sh*t ive ever heard and i like a broad range of music.

whatever country they are from the culture is shitty.

The reason i am mentioning this js im considering this might be part of a gang stalking noise campaign.

obviously they have a bit of money and when they fight they make noises that indicate representing a group team...or GANG amidst whatever language they are yelling.

there have been different occassions where ive been in varying locations sleeping in the area that people from this group will do overt stalking and harassment of me from driving by wirh loud music to having a vehicle actially stay after the brawls are over and the police have gone to watch the spot im sleeping in, basically performing the BRIGHTING tactic (keeping headlights facing a Target). They only leave if i come out and they are afraid i will physically approach or film the vehicle.

tonite i said somethibg a blonde bow tied Ivy League kid causing a supposed 'good natured ruckus' with friends didnt like an inconvenient truth.

he turned in the store as if he was going to take actiion and once he saw i was homeless he immediately turned away.

the look frightened me. he didnt turn away becuz i was homeless. He turned away becuz his robber baron granddad and slave owning, opium trading family TOLD HIM ALL ABOUT PEOPLE BEING TARGETED..into 'homelessness.

So the fucking elite and alot of others in society know whats reallly going on out here. Which explains the push to covertly rid The Homeless from most American big cities.

Their gangster house slaves are as usual acceptable..and required.

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