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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Former Mayor Menino Dies? Was He Friend Or Foe?

Menino passed away? I only glanced at something the other day that said he had cancer. I was totally unaware.

Once again cancer strikes again in the game of powerful people involved in these affairs but he did have previous skin cancers.

What occured during his being in office was so vile, so inhuman. And the way Boston got the way it is today was through horrible destruction and sacrifice of innocent people.
Whoever was rich or connected got sided with or favored.

Slowly torturing the suspects to death? Hmm. Sounds alot like what went on during his administration in office. Especially post 9-11. Really it started in the mid-90s.

Then again alot of people who tried to destroy innocents got punished or caught.

One thing is sure. Whatever dark secrets he knew about what really happened during his time in office and during Bush goes with him.    

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