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Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Counter Measures In Brookline-Avoid any cameras That Are major Source Of Targeting/Detection + Locals Give To The Worst Homeless and Shun The Decent

Lots of lower quality perps today including a hysterical crew of mean girl fatties in Brookline (a burrough of Boston). The biggest one, grotesque almost, pointed her iPhone camera at me as i came out of the bathroom but her screen had nothing but texts on it when i looked.
Of course she had black and red bottoms on and as she left walking outside she had something that looked like biker gang patches on the back of her blue denim jacket. Uh its got to be more nobodies dressing up like other kinds of people like outlaw bike clubs etc to mislead Targets.
Unless bike clubs have gotten really pathetic and like the Masons are now recruiting just anyone becuz theyve been infiltrated by intelligence services or whoever is using various groups as fronts for operations.

Theres lots of new YUPpie churches popping up in the area over the last few years which is also creepy. Boston has enough established religion why would it need more?
I suppose they want to attract the YUPpies who arent satisfied and are looking for something more in life.
Better to get them into churches than have them start looking around as they leave their selfish 20s realizing whats really wrong with gentrified cities like this and start changing social conditions in a real, meaningful way. (Using their very real social status, economic success and master's or PhDs.)

I guess all the pro and very attractive perps i see in Brookline have Sunday off.

They all disappear when the blogging begins including an Asian man who was sitting next to me in coffee shop. This is right after the scary fattie girl crew left and just as i started writing.

The swarm of perps in the area disappeared.

I was ok today til they found i was in the area, begging with my coffee sign in the midst of our first wet snow here. I've learned at least how to avoid detection temporary -avoid the camera on Harvard St near Beacon St which seems to be a major source of getting fried/hit with tech but also perps come to my location much more quickly as opposed to gping around and avoiding that camera..which has a creepy microwave device attached to it on the post.

Then of course an unusually high frequency of different kinds of people wearing black and red started walking past.

It took forever to get money up for coffee milk and breakfast. This area loves to give lots of quick money to adult sex offenders (caught and registered and not caught-working for cops usually) and people who go buy crack or boose with the money they get, especially the ones begging who we know are NOT homeless.
Its a perversity of the Liberals world. I dont know if its from white guilt, ignorance or reverse racism and silent sexism but its the single most ridiculous phenomena Ive ever experienced.
The myth is that I look too good or some excuse. So i volunteer at a charity where i get decent clothes and i happen to be in an area where the thrift stores have wonderful donations from locals?
The fact is that males get way more favored out here. They absolutely hate older homeless women and i dont know why that is.
Black males by far make the most money and older white drunks if they are smart enough to get a panhandling crew together.

One thing i will always resent about this area is the way people look at me then decide they aren't going to give when i can plainly see they were going to.
Am i THAT well known as an activist and a Target?? America is a very subconsciously sick country and this is where these decisions they make like this are processed.

I will never let this area live it down that i had to struggle for little money always when I was doing something worthy yet crackheads, alcoholics and people with places to live, couch homeless or shelter rats made money like it was nothing.

Thats how ignorant this country is about The Homeless. Either that or America is as truly evil as Ive experienced as a Target and its all done purposefully becuz they know the people being self destructive with their money arent capable of being a threat to the status quo.

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