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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How American People Of Color Were Remade Into The Ultimate House Slaves For The Elite/Cult Mind Control-A Key Component In Mass Mind Control and Creating A NWO

Infiltrated by COINTELPRO in the 60s a branch of govt was already within the black community in the USA.

Then look at Jonestown or more appropriately, the Jonestown experiment. The CIA had taken interest in Jones when he was just a young man with a trained monkey he used in a street show to make money.
Jones's cult The People's Temple was largely African American in membership.
FBI tapes clearly show that towards the end the cult had become violent and very controlling of its members, isolated in the jungle area of South America.

Much of Jonestowns dead cult members had needle marks on them. Dead from more than just poisoned KoolAid.

The fed decides to get rid of the Mafia in the 80s. At the same time the black gangs are given drugs to sell and pump up the ghettos with cocaine...and more importantly-now empowered street gangs.

Now crime is rampant with low level gangs instead of traditional organized crime. The expendables fill up the corporate prison system, serve in the military (which is now infiltrated with multiple gangs). From these gangs has come the rap music industry which switched over to rap according to witnesses formely in the industry, in order to serve their investments in said corporate prison industry anyway.
(The entertainment industry is now fused with the military industrial complex as well as the prison industry.)

Basically very powerful people simply reinvented the black house slave of the old American south.

Then the social engineers set to creating a society out of touch with worldly reality by pushing concepts of absoluteness and generality like Equality for all and Diversity-all brainwashing and cult mind control when analyzed in the big picture.

Kids have been raised like veal held in cages with no points of reference for how the world really works. A fabricated reality completely removed from all these changes to society which have created basically one huge prison yard with gang members now infiltrating every neighborhood, well behaved and looking totally normal while remaining under total cult mind control via these engineered gangs which now not only sell drugs and other criminal services but of course do the agency's dirty work of intimidation and keeping the now sheepish American public in line. Daily intimidation. Spying.

When Obama has mandated that every single town and city in the USA take in blacks and other 'people of color' by requiring low income housing (projects we call them here) anywhere it does not exist he is doing so under the brainwashing of Equality and Diversity.

What is really occuring, taking into account what goes on in the real world is exactly whats going on in small, peaceful European countries with mass immigration-introducing a percentage of loyal, mind controlled house slaves who ultimately serve the elites special interests.

One big plantation. A return to a Medieval feudal system.

All by using mass mind control.

The allies learned alot from Hitler and the research such as Project Paperclip that MK Ultra is rooted in.

Mass mind control isnt just about using electromagnetic and microwave technologies or chemical influences like chemtrails or drugs quietly administered to the masses in public spaces or transportation or buildings etc.
It requires an engineering of an environment. One that would not exist naturally. Where people dont have the freedom to gather by free association but are arranged by powerful special interests-manipulated to serve their purposes.

This is why the NWO is seen by many as resulting in the total enslavement of mankind.
There is much authorities aren't telling the public about the moves they are making.
Much of the public seem unaware of changes in foriegn countries like mass immigration and the war like environments its creating, damaging millenia old ethnic societies such as Scandinavia. Systematic rape by immigrants is being used as armies would in war conflicts.

Even though people have access to the world wide web, most Americans only take in the news thats presented to them by mass media. They have the illusion of 'choice' and dont see they are victims of mind control via information manipulation.

As the agencies say "Perceptions must be managed". I picked this up off of a govt website, i forget if its the CIA or FBI. They probably took it down anyway.

All you have to do is go searching for info you are not supposed to be looking for. Which now that Google has control of the internet under the guise of sponsered results and other censorship Ive experienced, 'surfing' no longer lands you in interesting places anymore like it used to.

Obama is the quiet, unassuming oppressor. Once again race cards are being used to ensure no hard questions are asked nor accusations taken seriously.

Every city ive traveled to has either chosen to go upward and gentrify to become populated by militant, ambitious YUPpies, Hipsters and the gang connected African American or Mexican house slave population and third world immigrant populations who also have a percentage who are on board in this NWO engineering of society.

Anywhere else that used to he half way decent lower middle class or middle has degenerated into resembling African American ghettos regardless of the race of it's citizens.
If not, areas strong in religious cults like Mormons are involved of course using the religious cult as the mind control group.
Ive seen this first hand in Utah.

Cult mind control has become the key to the New World Order enslavement of humanity.

Notice how everyone is part of a group now. Its all group memberships to survive.
Corporations, gangs, Masonic or Illuminati membership, even YUPpies and Hipsters are groups with very specific dress and lifestyles.

The 'Loner', formely the ultimate heroic figure of the 1960s and 70s has become villified due to the recurring violent actions of 'lone shooters'. Obama always describes people as "acting alone". The problem of terrorism is groups acting outside the group norm: 'seperatists'. Seperate from THE GROUP or THE NORM.

Every single way that the world is now described to people is in childish terms that discourage critical thinking, questioning or reason. We are now no better off than a trapped congregation in a church where the preacher and his helpers-with the help of the sheriff and the madam and hired outlaw gunslingers, has decieved the townspeople that straying from the flock will result in burning in hell, which is made very real by his cronies everyday they step outside-and step out of line.

A frontier is being created by destroying nations, cultures, accurate history, scientific findings that dont fit into the agenda even races of people.

Humans are naturally trying to defend themselves with nationalism and defending their land, women and children. This is being punished. In Europe where they no longer have weapons to defend themselves and freedom of speech is being outlawed (look it up. Its true) anyone challenging this NWO agenda is being silenced, jailed or simply destroyed.

Cult mind control is a key component to mass mind control.

In this new frontier you can choose to exist in the controlled, policed (not necessarily by police but by cult mind controlled human 'drones') false environment created for human slaves or you can be aware of whats going on and not be fooled. Perhaps even create new environments, which is something they don't want people to see exists as an opportunity with the re engineering of society and humanity they are doing.

New niches and communities can be carved out in this new world-for those of us who want freedom and dislike by nature being mindless slaves to daily torture, brainwashing, shaming, deception and a sick society.

Be very aware that many People Of Color and Zionists are involved in this by being brainwashed into a secret cult thats basically living out revenge fantasies for slavery, inequality, unfairness and the Holocaust. Even exile from their original homeland.
These people are now on par with crazy eyed, brainwashed Nazis (not surprising considering Project Paperclip's involvememt in the evolution of the New World Order) who want to create a false perfect world order, complete with a 'master race' which is supposed to bring the pipe dream of 'world peace' and 'the promised land'. (The people believing they are left wing Liberal types for Equality have actually claimed that humans can be so racially interbred as to destroy differences between races thus create world peace. A 'master race'.)

Any African American who is a poasible threat to this agenda is targeted. Theres a large population of black people in the Targeted Individual community and due to the threat, many of them are COINTELPRO like agents posing as TIs. Plants, infiltrators, agents.
And don't forget about the heavy use of the scum of humanity who have no conscience to do their dirty work. People in trouble are sought after by this system. Kind of like the Dark Brotherhood in games like Skyrim. Video games began as training for Russian military. They are still utilized for training of humans. Ive seen 12 year olds have no problem making the moral decision of killing an innocent in a videogame so a dark brotherhood will then offer him their money, power, protection. Theres no real world or human consequences. This is why automated war in real life is a grave mistake also. There's no consequences in a false environment.

They've made sure that modern humans are under drug like control at every turn. If its not video games altering consciousness then its psychiatry. Food. If not those then gang memberships in street gangs, groups, religion etc.
Ive seen an increase of new style urban YUPpie and Hipster Christian churches in the Boston and Cambridge area. They reek of being mind control fronts.

Even the foreign terrorists are controlled by cultish religious belief.

It isn't hard to use the concept of a Promised Land to an already damaged former African slave population who are still kept from defining the reality of who and where they come from. AfroCentrism is another system of deception meant to keep peoples of African descent from their true history and identity and to make them into seperatists in civilization.

Slavers have always known the value of breeding with captive populations right off, so their rule will last forever via the insertion of their DNA into the population.

This is exactly what is being done with forced mass immigration into small countries in Europe and everyplace else.

I firmly believe any areas with any natural reaistance, cultures like Japan and the American southwest which has Natives that wont accept blacks or foreigners on what is still their land rightly so) has to be degraded or destroyed. Not only is Fukushima suspect but so is the nucleat accident in Carlsbad NM-still unexplained.

Native American reservations have been infiltrated by the feds since the 70s uprisings and protests, perhaps even causing them who knows. Many reservations have Natives emulating black gangs and these people will do intimidation work on Targets.

The gang tactic of mind control has reached across the globe. Its very effective and as mentioned, the intertwined industry complexes create the environments in which this 'culture' will thrive.

Many Christian churches and religious organizations are not what they claim, are infiltrated and fully involved in mind control. Ive seen evidence of big tv churches and tv religious channels using mind control or suggestive technologies on the public towards this agenda.

People under mind control are very dangerous and this has become the norm in American society. This would be just like any other civilization in history except today there is scientific advancement that makes it a different situation.

Absolute control of mankind on a large scale is now possible which isnt what Nature intended. We have free Will and minds to reason which are being made unavailable to us now.


Anonymous said...

Good post, and very true. Stereotypes are very heavily used against TI's and everyone else, despite all this "diversity" and "intolerance" laws they put in place. It's all a shame to make it look like they are doing something to help the work exist peacefully. What good do laws do if harassment is used to get around them, and then authorities allow the harassment and stalking and abuse to exist? They all deny anything like this is going on in the covert world. By doing this, they are passively denying your rights as a US citizen to live however you want. The consititution doesn't say anything about requiring us to listen to rap and give up aspirations as an artist. Yet, the mass mind control and harassment forces us to do just that. Might as well throw laws to protect us and the constitution in the garbage then if everyone in the modern society denies that gangstalking and mind control exists, because that is what they are doing. There is an active effort to erase the previous law and order power structure and supplant it with an oppressive one where everyone is being shamed and harassed into conforming to the new laws. And the new laws are far more restrictive than old ones. Like we have to listen to rap and submit to their animal house slaves else get harassed and whipped and beaten and tortured. And a lot of people know that it exists and are OK with it. I don't see too many people taking a stand and doing something about it. Even at UPS, which very clearly states in its laws they have severe penalties against harassment, for example, there is subtle harassment going on. For example, perps working there leaving stuff like a bananna on the floor before I leave. It seems very harmless, yet the intent and impact to cause duress to the target is huge. It's because all of these seemingly harmles things triggers something damaging to the target, and is anchored to the target's programming. So they get around conventional laws.

Anonymous said...