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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Illuminati Symbolism On McDonalds French Fry Box

I dont feel so bad now about having the McD's bait me so I lost it and got arrested for tagging what I felt ( and what everyone around here is afraid to say) about the jerks working in there. This company is on the top of the list for gang stalking harassment done on their premises as well as really creepy vibes from their security cameras in every single store across the nation, some causing actual forced speech or behavior.
Much of the time the staff are not just low quaility people by chance becuz everyone has to work and sometime in life many people find themselves working a low wage job. Its a job. I would work if I could. Its been one of the cruelest things all these years preventing me from working and growing and earning.

I actually had one of the workers there whisper to me something along the lines of pretty soon all of the trash are going to be gone from the area around Central or the cities generally. This must have been one of the newer people working there who didnt know who I was.

Now when I see the Latino female manager working in the McDonalds in the food court of the Longwood medical area in Boston that serves the multiple hospitals there, she snickers at the sight of me. A Target this arrogant bitch and all her little cronies finally got to react. If it wasnt for the new administrations in the area, a changing of the guard, they woudlnt have gottten sh*t out of me because Ive been harassed in that area for years and never reacted.

McDonalds, Walmart, Target, Greyhound, CVS, 7-11 and Starbucks all top the list. Kmart and Walgreens less consistently. Interestingly the more of a monopoly a company has the worse the level of involvement in this system. Greyhound is into outright MILAB involvement. Megabus was ok when they first started but now has perps working on the buses and as passengers. Its disgusting.

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