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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lead Singer Of Significant Black Metal Band Died 2012-Trondr Nefas of Urgehal from Norway

(Significant to me in the GS /SRA campaign but unless you understand it all, it wont get believed anyway.)

Damn. One of my inspirations for keeping going especially for revenge is gone.
I am too tired to find the original post I made about this band's part in the original little group of tormentors (isnt that one of the popular names they give themselves?).
 I mean this is about  Ritual Abuse and much of what went on coincided with the war from the USA, Bush and other very black magickal people in power. If you dont know what I am talking about read up on how 9-11 was simply a black magick ritual (amplified by technologies). Bush being a black magician or the very effective acting servant of.
Elite European families. Nazism and Eugenics in Scandinavia. Satanic Ritual Abuse.

"Otravia - 03.06.2012 at 03:10
He didn't kill himself, it was no OD. The police didn't consider it necessary to make an autopsy and neither did we. He had been going through a lot of effort getting to the cabin and hadn't slept during that night. When he finally fell asleep, his bare feet were touching the ground, and it was rather cold. During his sleep, either a heart attack or brain concussion occurred (he was blue when they found him). Natural enough? I can tell it was a peaceful death and in no way self-inflicted. He had for long been on his way to getting in better health. He was at peace with himself and with the ones he left behind. Full of plans and optimism, and, as he stated himself, feeling better than he could ever remember. Apparently he had achieved what he needed on this sorry ass planet. Death is complete.

Written by Otravia on 03.06.2012 at 03:10"

I actually feel sympatico with the people up there now. Many of the Travelers I meet look just like northern European peoples. Backpacks, open land. Its familiar to me now.

I dislike having something to fight against or fuel my fire. I would have never been able to get revenge of course, not really because everything thats done through this system is done quietly, all the pay offs and opportunities or successes given to people is made to seem random. Just like the harassment and destruction of the Target on a daily basis.

America has changed so much. I wasnt allowed to grow with the culture. Ive become more familiar with the cultures of the people who spawned all that happened during those years than my own. Learning about parts of Europe I never would have paid attention to been shown the underground scenes of I have learned that these areas as well as most of Europe has been invaded by mass immigration that is destroying the cultures there.

These are our people. If you arent directly Scandinavian you can be if you are Irish or from any of that area, you are part Scandinavian. You see it in everyone you meet in the northeast anyway that is Irish or Scottish. Especially in Boston where the Irish are very tall, strong and they drink and fight alot. People in California will say they are Irish but they are small,scrawny types. Many of our ancestors here come from County Cork a Viking settlement.

More down south and up along northern USA people look more like descended directly from northern Europe.
I've read so much I now understand the mystery of the white people up there that sort of makes them feared, even hated or shunned as a culture by Americans-they arent really all European or 'white'. Much of that population is mixed with native indigenous Arctic stone age peoples called Sami. This makes them look different and thier artwork differs from western Europe.
It also explains why some of them resemble Russians or eastern Europeans-all mixed with Arctic indigenous peoples. And in myself I now understand what it is that scares normal people about me. Why I have Asiatic features...why it used to be so eerie to me that I looked at Chinese women and would notice the slight resemblances.

I am now dedicated to the cultural awareness and preservation (from here anyway with little resources) of European cultures but especially these barbarians up north-who in thier quest to do me harm actually have endeared themselves to me. Perhaps all along there was some intent to do me the favor of waking me up from being asleep under American culture. Maybe it was just ancient voices calling out to be heard, actually through black metal music as the only means of anti-government sanctioned Christianity and the invaders now destroying Europe under the deceptions of cheap labor, PC and Equality.

Its interesting to entertain the thought that the spirits of stone age native peoples are becoming more active, trying to be heard as the planet becomes severely damaged and human life/Nature becomes threatened.

Looking at the Saami there is something silent about them, unlike the American Native 'indian' with the Peace Pipe and the nature of wanting to communicate. They are hiding things, they arent communicative. Theres a lot of bright, oddly matched colors maybe to be seen in snowy conditions and noises in the voice that perhaps go over large open spaces well or can be heard that distance-in storms.

Years ago I read that there are old stories of Germanic warriors coming back from the dead to fight battles. The make up used looks a lot like the black metal scenes death make up.

I think all of the artistic expressions of this culture were from ancestral ancient life and perfectly natural. I've also read that the corporate powers that be have tried thier best to shut this culture down and they are too clever about infiltration to allow it to occur. I've posted things on here about Mossad actually keeping tabs on this scene due to the activities of NSBM bands.

Its weird and off putting when you see pics of fat, closeted gay white guys going postal at some school here in the USA but it might have been more marketable coming out of Europe especially a now immigrant oppressed Europe. I think they wanted to get rid of as many factors as possible that would interfere with the NWO.

As usual artists are the greatest threat to oppression.

There is real indication that due to some weird conspiracy, people in the music industry hated me enough to want to actually see me harmed and killed. When other kinds of media people do psy ops stuff on me as a Target its usually a bit more impersonal. You know they are doing it to get ahead, stay working or to belong. Its really stupid and so are they.
But the hate involved from this population of mostly males was amazing. WTF did I do?

Its not my fault I started to deprogram. Its also not my fault I was born into SRA. Its so hard to tell what everyone's intentions were or are.

I know that I have the material for a book that's important and fascinating to people interested in it. I am now educated about what is really going on with the NWO and the attempted destruction of our ancestral homelands. I've internalized a belief system to counter that. I pass the truth along to others whenever I can.

Being in this by nature is so odd. Is someone trying to get me to wake up and protect me or are they simply being cruel, trying to destroy me becuz I'm a woman (that's what they do) or is it becuz I'm in danger of 'telling' on cult?
Do they simply hate the fact I have duel boot programming and have a side that's not Satanic in nature but more diplomatic with other religions? Do they think I'm from 'Gods Army' (which seems and sounds ridiculous. Does such a thing actually exist)?

Lately I feel whatever I was feeding off of has been taken away. The system seems to want me to actually go back to having a normal life and peace (ick). Uh, its a bit much to ask after going through all this but this system is always a pain in the ass that asks too much of the people it pushes around.

I still don't get any of this. I was deprogramming. I wanted to go to a hypnotist, recall memories, get rid of them and thier hold on me and move on. To use my life experience to be a therapist and do art on the side. Why the f*ck was this many years of this necessary?

I suppose if it was to try to destroy me, its been done. I have no future.

Then again...neither do many of the key people involved in my demise. I notice people dropping off lately very quickly. So, I suppose this is the power that comes with inheriting whatever comes from sacrifice (not willful) and years of hard work?
I will try to be responsible with it. A lot of people, I mean a lot including everyone who died because of the wars during Bush/Obama-died for whatever is happening now in the USA.

Caution should be used by myself as well, perhaps I am going to be killed off too. America has a distinct lack of energy about it and a darkness hangs over my hometown area (Boston) like never before in years past.

My ex, who looks just like a lot of these guys, Jake, is living in an expensive house in Hollywood and convincing himself he's happy slicing up other people's films instead of doing what he loved truly doing best-singing and playing in his own band. Once they get you when you are newly clean and sober, this system of brainwash can intimidate and convince you of anything. All they do is use people-pieces on a chess board.

I however hold fast onto the days and years before I was ripped from my old life, my real life-as I was. Nothing is going to pull me fully into this nonsense I've been forced to live in for the past 11 years as if its truly where I deserved to belong.

My book will set things back again to where they were. The timeline may not be able to be fixed or lived again as it should have been but at least the break and false change can be...mapped out to people. Perhaps many more of us can move on with our lives not be trapped. I'm sure the Satanic community has a lot to do with wanting to trap people in a living hell.
But its fixable.

I like Zeena Lavey's explanation of discovering things are not as they seemed:
"Zeena reportedly discovered that her father was a fake.

According to Zeena Schreck this was: "due to the intervention of the god Seth, who awakens through harsh disillusionment or scorn or through the shattering of everything that you thought was real being torn from you..."

Zeena says: "I began teaching black magic independently from the church..."

She temporarily joined General Aquino's Temple of Set, which she describes as "another abusive and corruptive group, and not at all what I was interested in."

She doesn't piss me off like everyone else does mixed up in this. Maybe she should, I don't know. She's a Slav-we have something in common or maybe its just that once again-women by nature are helpful to each other as opposed to when there is male aggression involved.
 I resent male interference so much that if males were trying to help me I wouldn't understand that's what they were doing.

Who knows. Its been so long now.

Seems the Scandinavian governments were wise to invest in thier artists after all. Black metal is now a major export of certain countries and I've demonstrated that they serve as cultural enrichment if not preservation. Lost American's can reconnect to thier homelands, now in peril due to NWO aspirations.

And its given me something to permanently hold onto throughout this ordeal (that I can connect to through that small part of my programming that is dark in nature) because everything I once knew or had is gone and cannot be recovered. Family, friends, lovers, youth, community-everything.  Perhaps that was its purpose.

Maybe its just that metal musicians die with some frequency. I've looked at the sites and its amazing how much work and human life go into this music. Which is worth it of course.

During the war years- the covert wars and post 9-11 Bush era.

The singer looks really overweight here and its like he is having trouble with his mobility. The power is still there but keeping it together and singing seems difficult. In 2011 they had someone else singing with him on guitar. Maybe he was sick and they were hiding it.

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