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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mass Art/Northeastern Area Is So Sold Out To The NWO Agenda and Gang Stalking

First off the female Latino security guard downstairs today messed with me. Trying to be a typical hard ass like we are in a prison she kept demanding to know what floor I was going to even though I told her that I was logging it in the sign in sheet. At the end, I answered with saying I didnt recall what floor the library was on and she told me but it was obvious that she wanted to win a power struggle. To make me behave under her authority and why is that?

Becuz walking up the stairs to the security desk, I made a comment about the grossly pretentious annoying upper middle no class snobs who were talking about the typical shit they do in Boston nowadays where old money has wisely moved away from the cities-a younger girl was fawning an older man's ego about his great taste becuz he had a French bulldog and he proceeded to then to kind of ignore her and speak about .."when we were in France"..and I just could not take the content and tones of voice that were these typical people in the city nowadays who are horribly middle and like to brag or simply play with the idea of power simply becuz they get to suck off of the real money and power in this little area of the northeast.

As I got past them my comment to myself was simply "oh no! Upper-middle snobs" as in like "oh no, Mr Bill" sort of tone. This prison guard type woman immediately did not like this by the look on her  face.

Many excuses are used to do what she did, which is basically interfering with my freedom of speech as well as interrogation without cause in a manner that was more like you would treat a prisoner than a member of the public using the college resources. Totally outrageous. And the content of what I said did not sound insane just critical and classist. So I am being harassed by authority in a manner that is simply to make me behave (which is basically the purpose of most authorities nowadays- as part of the class and race wars to ensure the success of the NWO for the elite and their loyal house slaves like her).

And I DO NOT HAVE MY BACKPACK with me today. I simply looked a bit alternative and not as conformist as all these art students look nowadays. I cannot believe how sold out the art schools are in this area. I still cant believe how viscous the gang stalking was from the museum school and Mass Art teachers, employees and some students back during Bush. For years around Northeastern was one of the biggest organized harassment/gang stalking hot spots in this city. Harvard Medical School is just up the street in Longwood and anywhere Harvard has anything its a bad spot for gang stalking and harassment.

I dont know if I posted about how librarians used to perhaps give me a hard time here, the way they do at MIT but lately this past two months they have actually taken to performing actual gesturing. Psychological warfare tactics. There used to be a cool alternative looking guy my age working here but I haven't seen him. He used to ask me how my books were going and he remembered I write and travel.

The guy who works in the library whos here like everyday whos clean cut- I have always gotten a bad vibe from him.
Maybe he is aware of who I am and my activism or maybe not. I dont recall him doing any tactics outright like back pocket taps or any of the ones I am anchored with now- its a small list. They really have been successful in finding the NLP that will control my behavior the most effectively.

Its the females working in the library and some students who only show up after I am here that have done gesturing tactics as part of gang stalking. In the past year or so the metro Boston area has been utilizing very attractive almost perfect faced, young thin females to do gang stalking. I suppose as I lose my youth and looks then they change the perps accordingly. They used to have the ugliest, scariest people do the harassment around the country- to scare me probably as well as make me lose touch with my assets as a person.
 Its been a huge thing for them- the way I look.Many lower level perps are obsessed with it.

In years prior perps had hatred, they were sometimes nervous in what they were doing, mischievous, confused, misguided even when it was obvious they were being controlled by handlers in a group (like the old Boston hostel in Fenway now gone, run by that fat black guy and that nasty Latino man-owned by an old white guy and the workers were these wayward white rich kids very into marijuana. One of the reasons I have become so militant about racial awareness and self defense in my life is seeing the children of rich whites treated like slaves under people like those two guys that ran that hostel. Many times blacks are in charge of operations and it sickens me to death becuz you sense from them this total lack of human conscience or a determination to make a Target behave themselves for the system, like a good little slave. Thats what Malcolm X used as a term. House slaves on plantations used to inform on field slaves in order to enjoy a job in the Big House and even assist in retrieving runaway field slaves. Its incredible that nothing much has changed for many of the people whos roots are in that culture.)
There was an obese African American at Pine Street women's Inn running something shady out of there becuz when she saw me back in town and in the shelter years ago she was not pleased.
The black community makes illegal money and then utilizes assistance, scraping that together they can actually have pretty good incomes in total. Thier quality of life sucks but its as if they dont notice.They are just satisfied to live better than poverty.

Thier own personal morals and self worth are so shot, so degraded and they are kept that way-that they will do anything to maintain. And being able to live out revenge fantasies or have power over whites finally is also a motivator I assume.

Just look at our little security guard downstairs.She was certainly trying to make me behave to a social norm which isnt her damn job.

If anyone looks 'artsy' its me. Yet, I register as a threat to this area generally nowadays.

Its all part of the NWO and the decline of western civilization. Anyone not willing to join the mindless upper middle class YUPpie consumers who like to think they live well and richly, will be shoved down into the lower classes and if that doesnt work-you are a threat to the status quo.

Its totally bizarre to be disliked in an art school or surrounded by hard eyed, apathetic, sheepish kids in such a place.

They are probably all concerned with getting careers after school and not in making art. Its so sad. And obviously any dissident people or forces at work are targeted and squelched so they cannot exist.

The oppression in Boston is unbelievable to me. Its some of the worst in the country as far as losing liveliness and sheep taking over the area, freedom no longer being respected and the great sell out to corporations, banks and neighborhoods controlled by business associations.

This entire experience of seeing this process evolved over the last ten years or so has been like slowly moving into east Germany or the USSR or places with those descriptions of oppression, spying and a public complacent in the process-so they can get what they need to live.

Whats amazing is the agreement between these sheep and thier authorities-that the authorities are there to handle undesirables as well as provide safety services or policing. Its just accepted nowadays and has been since 9-11. 

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