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Friday, November 14, 2014

Former CIA Director David Petraeus Tells Of An Integrated North America
“highly integrated” does not necessarily mean opening of borders and merging of countries.

I had one of the most peaceful and productive times of being a Target during this man's time as head of the CIA. I wonder if that is the reason he got pushed out, obviously the sex scandal was on purpose and designed by people who wanted him out.

I had the ability to go ahead with plans to write my book and was making headway, a feeling of peace and right about my project. After he resigned that all went to hell and with the changing of the local administrations here in Boston and Cambridge, I am held back more than ever. Not by torture as years ago but by hopelessness and a sense of being displaced-forever. Everything that was, that I knew that had been preserved here in my hometown that I used to depend on to return to as my one place of familiarity and consistency is now gone. Destroyed by an covert anti homeless campaign, cleverly put forth by local authorities and street players alike as well as YUPpies. Either there are a good number of agents placed in this population in this area or they are just on board to try to get rid of people they see as unsavory or they could just be so brainwashed by now as much time has passed, they genuinely believe that all homeless people or people with backpacks are of bad character- not even thinking that these are potential activists, targeted whistle blowers, freedom fighters.

All reason is gone in this area. Most of the kids act as if all homeless people in thier perception are going to act crazy. You dont see that in other areas of the country. Boston is so tightly controlled its ridiculous. There is no freedom here. Everyone on the trains is depressed, uptight and paranoid living thier lives. Its such a far cry from what this area used to be about.

It seems that one of Michael Aquino's tactics to win using psy ops via MINDWAR is being used right now and I am fully controlled by it daily: the idea that continuing to fight is futile becuz there can be no victory anyway. That Ive already lost.

This is recent. This is in the past year or so perhaps a bit longer. I never used to care what others thought of my project, what effect my book would have or who would read it. It was my job to do so and that is that.

Why was my experience under his time at the CIA so positive? My gang stalking experience depends heavily on who is head of powerful agencies in the United States. More generally, who is president but the real concern seems to be who is running the intel agencies.
And what he was privvy to about Benghazi wasnt pretty either. That it was being used as a cover for an operation to arm rebels.

When Hayden was head of the CIA it was the worst time of torture. I almost was killed.
He resembles Michael Aquino even and it wouldn't surprise me if he didnt have some of the same private nasty habits. Read the arrogant joking around about Snowden:

However its speculated that Snowden is just one of those people they put out there when the black budgets are threatened.

I f*cking hate this man beyond belief. There are so many sick f*cks mostly males involved in my gang stalking campaign. If its not the ones from the Republican side its the Democrats. It doesnt matter becuz they serve the same agenda and what kind of sadistic sick sh*t they get up to privately in a group one can never tell.

I know that the influence I felt was much more positive that it is today. Perhaps the key word here is influence. Even though I had a positive experience, there was still suggestion and influence at work. Even though it didnt consist of torture like under Hayden, its still manipulation utilizing the system of mind control thats been used all along.

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