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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Infiltration Of Organizations For Purpose Of Anti Terrorism Guarantees Targeted Individuals Will Always Be Harassed And Kept From Getting Justice

Spies on Campus
by Ernest Volkman

"The Covert Return of the Military-Intelligence Complex to Campus: Why Universities Should Be Very Afraid"
"David Price is a professor of anthropology and sociology.....
He has researched and published extensively on the interaction between academics and U.S. military and intelligence agencies, like the Pentagon, the CIA, and NSA. His writings cover two main trajectories. One is the surveillance and harassment of academics engaged in status-quo threatening activism."

The Quakers Warn That Police Spying on Political Activists Did Not End with Vietnam,,20073865,00.html
I actually experienced harassment at the local Quaker church, the Friends. A very old church in Cambridge, MA.  I recently was doing community service and they have autistic women working there sometimes. One woman's handler or whatever  her official name is, was very nasty and you could just tell she was an oppressive person working for the system. This same woman I found out works for Cambridge public schools.

Right after the woman who runs the clothing charity I volunteered at sent my cs hours to probation the next week a group of women show up from the Women's Lunch Place where so much harassment went on years ago and they have since wisely cleaned up thier act (white wash) to avoid being responsible for what they've done to so many people years ago or looking as if they are that kind of place. Enough people complained on the internet about different shelters not just me.
Of course these women did gang stalking gestures and harassment while they were at the clothing charity. I've also recently experienced disrespectful behavior from volunteers and have not gone back there.
It was interesting to read about these organizations warning of spying and infiltration only to have this corroborate with my experiences-that many churches and homeless organizations have been infiltrated. It almost seems like no one can get a job there unless they go along with the system now which I did not experience in the 90s when I was occasionally experiencing homelessness due to addiction.
"The problem for Americans is that 65% (close to $3 billion) of the funding for the U.S. bishops’ national office for domestic Catholic Charities and 72% of the bishops' foreign Catholic Relief Services is provided by the government, as well as a third of the income for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. At the local level, states also contribute substantial funding for regional Catholic Charities."
This might explain why every single Catholic Charities organization Ive been in since 2003 has been full of gang stalkers both staff and clients. Administration wearing black and red-the same disgusting set up as anywhere else.
Strangely, many of the problems I would mention with a CC location would be fixed or people would actually suffer for thier misdeeds.

Secret Government Informer "Karen Sullivan" Infiltrated Minnesota Activist Groups
It kind of creeps me out that this agent uses a story that is exactly like mine. That she was from Boston, had a difficult childhood and had severed ties with her family in order to get sympathy.That really does make real Targets look bad doesn't it? I've experienced this before, perps trying to get sympathy and connect with the Target by claiming that some part of thier life story has similar circumstances to the Target's.

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