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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Realization-Cant Function Anymore In The USA

If they want me out of the USA then i will go. Theres never going to be any kind of justice for me anyway.

The country and various businesses would lose billions of dollars if it was revealed that the country was psycho managed and wars and terrorism involve influencing and manipulating people and events using technology, chemical influence and psychological operations.

It's no use, hopeless. Trying to live in the United States or write a book even if it was written under science fiction.

The people behind this are so viscous and greedy that its pointless to stand up to them in the country that they own.

Ive done my bit here and it seems nothing else can be done.

This culture is absolutely disgusting to me now. Society has degenerated so much and its not going to improve again.

Its best I go somewhere else.

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