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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vehicle Surveillance: The FBIs System

This is from site linked in last post.


mej313 said...

Thank you for the very interesting link. I have only just begun reading it, but so far my comment immediately is that no one is mentioning the technology called Synthetic Telepathy. Even Dr. John Hall mentioned that invasive technology in an interview on BlogTalk Radio. The FBI uses Synthetic Telepathy to "read" your thoughts and they are prepared in advance to stalk the target. It's very hard to outwit them when they can read your thoughts in advance.

mej313 said...

That website is dodgy: when I went to the homepage there was no information at all, it was a grey template. It sounds like a lure and bait site. If you just wait and put your name on their mailing list, you will get the big secret of how to evade the FBI surveillance of at least 20 cars with all kinds of CCTV coverage and communication, one against all that. I doubt it.....but I only thought of this after sending them an email, I feel like I've just bought a lemon and got put on some list and it feels dangerous. It's also like all the petitions so-called "victim" TI sites have, where they just want you to put your name on a list. Another thing they didn't mention that I experience every time I drive are cars waiting at key points of my route that wait to drive in front of me on cue, only to slow down and block the road. Since I drive motorbike, and people pass each other all the time on the roads here, I am stuck behind some old car spewing out black smoke, so I try to get around the car only to have someone driving into me on the opposite side of the road almost hitting me. They have teams of people pulling out into the road to block the path of the target to, as they have some harassment skit up and waiting. What I still cannot figure out is how they conscript so many thousands or millions of people to do this--how miserable and sick can so many people in society be to participate in this?