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Sunday, September 29, 2013

bellingham, WA now gs hotspoty since University and college started

Bellingham was a nice_little_town_for_last_few_weeks. Colleges_and_universities_just_started_up_again. Western
Washinhgton_University and a community college.
Theres GS_activity_everytwhere_now_downtown_or_near_university.



Got messed up_after_hookdd_up_to_computer_in_public_library.
Screen started movinb on its own snd meking selections by itself ,as if ghost were using ity hss been screwed up eber since.

Try ,get new debice for Intyernet next month. Rains_alot_here buses slow_hard_to_get_around. Shudnt have_gotten_stuck_here.

WA is dangerous. OR also.
Northwest USA is dangerous for being tsrgetyed.
Not managable_like_other_places.



Since, gs_increased_cant_stay_in_same_area.

So pesceful Sad.

Hsd ,me fresking outy todsy. Made no money hsrdly for food coffee etc. dnty trust homeless food here. Feeds hsrd to fit into scbedule.

Trying make_me_snap_now.
A. Few different people gave me food today when I wss flying s sign in the rain and wind_for_hours..but_i_realize_that_shud_not_be_trusted_in_this_area_either.

I got targeted after_an_hour_or_so_people_in_cars. This_is_also_new_since_university_started_school_year.

People walking by sleep spot at_night_past_two_days_and_other_tactics_to_disturb_sleep_again_seems_connected_to_university_starting.

Getting dirty lookz_and people saying_no_to_my_asking_for_change_only_after_focusing_on_my_face_downtown_again_this_is_only_in_past_few_days.

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