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Thursday, September 12, 2013

FBI And Police Portland: Operation 'Seizing Thunder'-Under Obama Administration

If you google this theres a pdf of the FBI file from the FBI's cloud.

I suspect that they did have motive to pursue,surveille and observe even gang stalk possibly.

To attempt to behavior modify or destroy/neutralize such people. Which is what they arent telling the public.
Theres the reason why when there doesnt seem to be one thats logical. Everything they do has a purpose-dont be fooled. The ded takes care of business. People need to be aaware of exactly how this is being accomplished.

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Unknown said...

I still laugh when I think of Tricky Dick and his speech insisting he was honest and not a criminal. Note his body English.

Note especially how he gets that guilt-ridden look when he says "I have never obstructed justice" at 0:16-0:18. His eyes give him away. He may be saying one thing, but his body English is saying "oh my god I did it I did it I obstructed justice and I feel soooo guilty".