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Friday, September 6, 2013

sick can't get help can't get home

I am not doing well physically after a medical procedure at ohsu in Portland. I went to the er a week ago or so and they scheduled a follow up doctor appt a few days after. I wanted to leave town but waited for this appt.

It wasn't the all female team of doctors who did my procedure originally. it was a male head doc and student female.

they made me feel on comfortable unlike all female team. the procedure I had involved a unplanned pregnancy. the doctors at this womens health center are more concerned with trying to stick and Iud in me and prevent another pregnancy and they are concerned about the complications I'm having from the procedure

the male doctor b actually said to me "try not to get pregnant between here (and your destination)" after asking where I was traveling.
needless to say patient advocacy is going to hear about that one.

they totally downplayed my complications following this procedure and curtailed my concern and made me feel invalidated by making me feel bad about not setting up a Pcp yet.

I had to leave the situation I was in living inside becuz my friemd is a bit too drunk alot, the house is moldy and his son is an abusive spoiled brat who he doesn't control and made my recovery from this procedure difficult, even though I contributed to the household considerably.

so I've been in pain and often unable to move about easily due to these complications. I've been trying to leave the state bit am too unwell to travel. I don't even know if I can travel by bus either north or back east to get proper medical care.

these circumstances have left me vulnerable and isolated without a support system. i'm also dealing with a bad ongoing case of a P A S where these circumstances i'm living in and dealing with physically cud lead to a near total mental breakdown .

i'm outside and now lts raining . the fall here is starting. I have a few people in the traveler area who've gravitated to me who watch out for me a bit. I dnt trust them completely. one of them asked me a typical perp question and they seem connected to sub culture organized crime elements.

I am now almost completely disabled (aside from my disabilities pre existing from before the gs campaign and those resulting from it) due to the events I've mentioned. if ohsu doesnt help I need to seek medical care elsewhere.
I dnt want more permanent damage.

ohsu has been sued 232 times between 1995 and 2005. I prob need to return to Boston. where I will be treated like shit bjt fixed at least.

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mej313 said...

Please try going to Outside In, they might be of much more assistance than OHSU. I was advised not to chose OHSU as my health care provider, when I applied for my Medicaid benefits while in Portland. I can't even remember what I used when I was there, because I only went to Outside-In. I was really never "sick" just dying from poisoning....but the little health care clinics I did go to on my Medicaid benefits were really depressing and inadequate.