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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Sexist Myth Of 'Tend And Befriend' And How Science Is Decieving The Public Concerning Psych Disorders

Ive been known to ooze machismo my own self on frequent occasions. The GS system certainly has taken full advantage of my fight or flight response.

Women in my family are aggressive my mother especially so.
Most of the women I've known don't 'tend and befriend' unless you're running a business or have children present where they need to be more diplomatic.

If the system is lying about the causes of alleged psych disorders like not telling the public about electromagnetic pollution, allergies, environmental chemical pollutants, parasitic disease and organic diseases of the brain and of course being a Targeted Individual then research into genetics to account for these things cannot be accurate or honest in its findings.

From what I have seen in my experiences with the parallel world of elite science if you will, which is actually 21st century knowledge opposed to the 20th century knowledge and mindset the public are kept in, a lot of the research going on actually seems to be tied into the covert unethical human experimentation that is going on nationwide if not internationally.
These would be your classified and black projects.
If these are focusing on behavior modification of humans and creating totally puppet like humans via brain damage, MK Ultra research and hypnotic subliminal suggestions via outside influences like technologies then this genetic research linked to psychiatry is alarming.

Imagine if you could under the guise of curing disorders, you could create a human being where aggression was completely or partially removed from them or alter human aggression and instinct.

Claiming that disorders such as ADHD and others in males are the result solely of an aggression gene in males would be the perfect cover and the perfect excuse.

To begin with psychiatry is only theory. Biological Psychiatry is controversial at best and has been challenged by plenty of psychiatrists and psychologists.
To take something that is theory and try to connect it to genetic research is absolutely ridiculous, illogical and unreasonable.

There are plenty of reasons theoretically why people have what is known as ADHD, hyperactivity etc.
Psychiatry doesnt even considering things like diet, environment. This branch of science doesnt consider ancestral genetics like perhaps most of these boys belong hunting outdoors or farming daily and not in the classroom due to they being wired for those activities becuz their ancestors have been doing that for like thousands of years.
This society is asking humans to alter their behavior under industrialized conditions which are very recent in human history.

I've been screwed with by the medical mafia long enough to be able to tell you that they don't take factors into consideration while doing research that don't serve their purposes for the desired result they want.
People in the world of mathematics can tell you plainly that statistics can be altered to get a desired result.

A man from Russia was given an award some years ago for solving a math problems that was unsolvable. After a time he left America in disgust because he is actually smart enough to tell that in the world of mathematics and academia people were misusing mathematics in order to get desired results to benefit them.

Science can be no different.

If the NWO's goal is to enslave mankind and modify humans quickly and easily to serve the system most efficiently instead of having the peoples' best interest in mind then blocking or removing people's ability identify and respond to threats and defend themselves is a good ploy to focus on.

It goes right along with all the false flag operations which are going to result in having our right to bear arms revoked permanently or at least modified to make it easier for them to have all of the power and control.

At this time freedom of speech and the right to bear arms is a total joke considering the tech, chemical psy ops capacity the elite have as resources. As it stands, in any sort of conflict with our government or authorities the common people would lose absolutely. How are you going to stand against and counter military grade microwave and sonic weapons?
In actuality the public have already lost absolutely. In order to preserve the public as a resource for the elite's plans in the NWO, no mess will be made if things are done gently through deception and persuasion. Such as wonderful advances in science that will cripple males or anyone else considered too aggressive or have any disorders supposedly tied to an aggression gene.

Ive posted that in my research into MK Ultra that the project(s) wasnt so much a product of the Nazis and their agenda but Project Paperclip utilized Nazi scientists as Dr. Cameron's ends seemed to be an obsession and fear of historical Germanic aggression and a theory that this ethnic specific aggression is what's responsible for world conflict in history.

World peace at the price of no longer being human is not worth it.

This may be why I was used as a subject of further experimentation, linking me to my mothers status as a radiation experimentee in the 1950s. Even outside of my deprogramming from high level programming and certain people not wanting me to go to a therapist or hypnotist and recall memories clearly.

I recall one of the main focuses the harassment in Boston I was of my being 'too aggressive'. The smear and slander people around me were trying to get me to be percieved as violent. My psychiatrist who for years treated me only for depression and anxiety, sent me a referal letter when I moved to AZ claiming as a patient I had PTSD and paranoid ideations. (She denied I had PTSD in my sessions with her throughout our relationship as doctor/patient. Paranoia was never an issue either and my records of pharmacueticals presrcribed can reflect that.)

I'm certainly one of the females that doesn't fit the myth written about in the above link.

In reality you have women who are naturally bold as warriors and guardians easily capable of taking the place of males in a tribe and then you have other kinds of female- more peaceable and diplomatic instinctually. Alpha and Beta females Ive always referred to us as. I havent found science to glamourize any research on these realities among women.

In the real world men and women know damn well there's different kinds of women in this world. Women and men don't fit cookie cutter types like science would prefer to have their research validated.
In fact if all women react the same way to situations like science proposes men would be pretty damn bored.
There are men who prefer secure homebody home loving types however you want to describe it and then there are men who go exclusively after aggressive women, crazy women, submissive, independant women- the list goes on.

Science is actually disregarding the real world and the artfulness of living thats been going on between the sexes for thousands of years.
No wonder the French hate us. I can't blame them.

At best the cookie cutter theory using actual genetic findings in the link above is a horrible piece of sexist mythology. At worst it's a very nasty attempt to begin utilizing genetic research tied into psychiatric theory in order to begin modifying human beings into nothing more than slavery to the elite and their system.

They are suggesting altering the very things that make us human and have kept us alive and surviving for millenia based on genetic research tied into psychiatric theory that doesn't even explore all of the possible reasons why people so called disorders.
If they were going to be completely truthful they might actually do a study on how the societies we live in are disordered. Alot of what modern society asks of humans is not natural nor is it healthy.

There's something very wrong and cleaning it's the males strictly do not act with spider react with fighter flight.

Interestingly if one researches the Berzerker from Germanic lore, you can get a sense of what these people are afraid of and what they're trying to destroy.
Ancient man was healthier, stronger and uninfluenced by Abrahamic religions. We as modern people cannot imagine the power the human body was capable of expressing.
Man has become a sickly creature already a slave due to everything from religion to an industrial modern world and now a technological one.

Most problematic is psychiatry's refusal to acknowledge the existence of psychic powers in humans. They were very interested in this in the 1970s through their para psychology departments but all of a sudden they got dissolved and now it's considered 'magical thinking' and a disorder. (I suspect they simply did the research they needed, found what they were looking for and are discouraging the public from finding such powers in themselves.)

This means by their criteria even women's intuition is considered a form of disorder or non-existent the stuff of delusion.

Conversely psychiatry does not go near religious beliefs with a ten foot pole. Clearly magical thinking and the stuff of delusion. Belief systems as disorders or disordered thinking or magical thinking.

Psychiatry is flawed and it is selective in what it defines as disordered based more the fear of repercussions from age old institutions as opposed to criteria. Its ties to special interest Big Pharma should be considered criminal and regulated or made illegal.

This system of psychiatric THEORY should not be something tied into genetic research which is going to start playing around with the very base of human survival through male aggression. If they want to cure the ill effects of male aggressions they should start with wars and rape-as opposed to disorders that dont make for good little server drones that fit neatly into an overly ordered society.

Lastly theres the rather humorous attempt to recreate June Cleaver in her kitchen wearing high heels baking cookies and never reacting with any kind of fight or flight agression, only reacting by 'tending and bending' or whatever the hell its called.

(BTW science stop making up really annoying catchy phrases to describe things humans been doing for thousands of years perfectly well without marketable catch phrases.)

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mej313 said...

It's the scientific backlash against feminism. The scientific community will use their biased pre-ordained research findings to validate stereotypes and cliches they want to use to foster misogynist paradigms. Trends in research and the social sciences seem to usually have a political agenda behind them including funding for research--of course you knew this but just to bring it up. My Master's Degree is in Criminal Justice, and the history of the scientific schools of thought which underminded actual legal policy always had a political agenda behind them. Right now the Mandatory Minimum Sentencing policies, based on formerly debunked "research" on why the older Rehabilitation trends did not "work" have since also been sciences like why women and men differ are funded to "prove" agendas that have been predetermined--in other words.