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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Harper's Magazine September 2013: Saving Your Children from a Harvard Education by Jeff Madrick-A Revealing Article About Harvard University

<a href=""></a>

Also the article 'Life As A Terrorist-Uncovering My FBI File' by William T. Vollman

The first link made me realize that Boston is not worth going home to as I thought but still didnt want to believe.

These two articles, along with what TIs know about covert human experimentation, behavior modification programs, torture of Targeted Individuals, etc shows me that a person like myself in whatever America has become is truly the peoples' enemy.

There is no hope for freedom or change.
Staying here and fighting was the stupidest waste of time and its destroyed my life and my health.
They make sure Targets are isolated and dont know any better.
You cant fight this system in America-staying and fighting is what they want you to do becuz its part of the ongoing behavior modification process to do so. Continuing to be targeted keeps a TI exposed to being constantly broken down and then behavior modified and brainwashed.

The second linked article shows that the system is doing these investigations of people and they have been numerous. I know from my experience that these are cover stories for unethical classified black projects. The surveillance and psych profiling fit in with the unethical human experimentation being done to people like me, especially since my mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra, both her parents US Marines during WW II.

Ive also been mocked by people in Harvard Sq squatter scene, who are cozy with police, some of whom do sidework for Homeland Sec-that Ive been profiled and discredited as mentally ill and not dangerous as far as terrorism goes.

So they use these anti terrorism programs to cover for human atrocities and war crimes, continuing MK Ultra, then they label the person so that the victim cant disclose whats really happened and be believed.

as far as I can see as the second link to article claims there are plenty of people in the USA who are fully aware of whats going on with these circumstances. They simply do not care about the victims-becuz they actually believe that if it benefits their country and themselves its okay.

this is what makes people like me an enemy of the United States.
an absolute refusal to do the wrong thing. A natural desire to do the right things.
Not wanting to accept being victimized.

These are crimes against the United States. If I had known how bad its gotten, how far gone the country was-the colleges and Boston itself becoming totally unrecognizable from what it had been for centuries I would have left the country long before now.

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