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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update On OHSU Doc/Years Of Potential Lawsuits

Got another appointment this time w the good doc who did my procedure.

She said they should have done more tests. she said that most likely there was either a blood clot or part of the fetal matter had remained and was being passed during the extremely heavy bleeding that I experienced. she said this is also explains the extremely painful lower back pain that creeped up my back all the way to my shoulders. 

she also said it was just plain wrong with the attending male doctor had said to me as well as his student saying she was going to prescribe motrin and it never showed up at the pharmacy.

I also told her that the exam they did was especially harsh and painful and I did not experience that with her team.

She tried to make excuses for them a little bit by saying that the attending males physician was a person who said quirky things and did quirky things and that the young female student was not experience with follow ups.

I did not accept the excuses she made for them
and she understood that.

after everything was settled with this appointment I went to patient advocacy, they took my complaint and were very nice.
when one makes a complaint to patient advocacy there is no follow up with the patient.

just making the complaint in full was enough. the next phase would have been getting a lawyer and I just don't have the energy for that right now.

If I had a lawyer for every single time I was abused and treated like s*** during this gang stalking campaign I'd be in the middle of like, 1000 legal actions.

if I ever do get a lawyer is going to be a team of them it's going to be handling every single thing that has been done since 2002, probably since 1997 actually.

I'd rather leave the f****** country though. and if I'm going to take legal action all do it outside the US.

one of the only reasons I haven't become a lone shooter or totally lost my mind, yes is partially because, yes I'm a f****** hero and I have an iron will- but it's also in part due to all the good people who do the right thing in this country that I've experienced along the way in this long arduous campaign.

just stopping and thinking about things for a minute or doing the right thing you never know the greater impact you might have in the bigger picture by your actions on a daily basis.

I'm writing my book for people who actually care about what's going on not the rest of the assholes in this country, of which at this point I feel they're the majority now.

and for people in other countries to let them know why they hate America is completely justified what does the people here are basically held prisoner and don't f****** know what hell is really going on.

so I had to spend all my time outside trying to leave the state on the road, having this awful thing happened to me bleeding and everything nobody told me what was going on. I still have really bad lower back pain and a cyst on my right ovary that is big and it's f****** killing me. all due to the condition that I was in, the procedure that I had- all these decisions were due to me not being in control of my situation I'm having to live as a targeted individual suffering with gangstalking syndrome.

all that therapy based politically correct b******* people feed you nowadays about making 'bad choices'- is just that; bullshit.

No one ever really asks what motivates people to make these alleged 'bad choices'. even without the existence of covert activity say as a  factor in someone's life, there are no good and bad choices. They're just choices that we make living in a certain time line  with the cause and effect action. When we start trying to judge what choices are good and bad we know that we live in a psychological dictatorship.
America doesnt want reason, logic and critical thinking or fairness-they want to survive. They want things to fit into the machine and for it to work and that is all.
And to that end they are lying cheating stealing robbing and living under whatever deceptions are necessary.

Who judges what are the good and the bad decisions, like what is good and bad? then it seems the people making those judgments dont have all the information to correctly analyze what good and bad decisions are under specific set of circumstances.

All these things-this therapy culture, the politically correct culture, catchphrasing, easy answers- its all brainwashing. Mind control.

All the mounts to is so that the United States of America doesn't have to take any responsibility for its actions domestically or abroad.

America is the most self righteous piece of s*** aside from Israel I have ever seen in my 42 years of living. And at least Israel has to pay for what they do by living under threat of terrorism daily.
and regardless of what they say they're fully conscious of what  they're doing. they even admit it.

America has so few instances of terrorism occur, and when they do Americans cannot fathom why they have occurred. Americans are  incapable of understanding what their leaders are doing domestically and abroad.

When they do understand what's going on there simply complete and total greedy cowardswho rationalize it, because it's for their own benefit and they're so isolated here and safe and protected they feel like they shouldn't have to pay for their crimes against the rest of the world.

This makes the majority of the American people extremely dangerous. which is what I have been living with since 1997, and in the extreme since 2003.

I think I've done pretty well considering.

How many of these idiots do you think we're actually going to read my book when it comes out cleaning what was really going on? or are they just going to stick with whatever they're told by the smear people?

The United States is hopeless and me staying here is nothing but suicide. 
I have zero faith in the justice system or that I'll ever get any help for compensation for what I've been through.

leaving is the only sensible option.

I'd rather starve to death and have bad health care on the streets of the homeland of my ancestors, than to live in a country that hates me I don't like the culture anyway and the people are hopeless criminals every single one of them.

For anyone in this country to laugh at me or my situation is
beyond sick it's murder is a psychotic.
I think it's partially because they don't want to believe what my cleaning is actually happening, that it's real. cuz in order to be happy in America you have to live in denial.
So everyone who is still here is whos going about their lives, is dangerous and part of the problem.

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mej313 said...

Wherever your ancestors are from, where you go, make sure you find good people who are involved in squatting and probably you will enjoy a better lifestyle than in America, with all it's requisite homelessness. I doubt you are of Greek heritage, but there is a build -up of anti-fascist protest going on in Athens. More people are probably "awake" to the reality of the fascist NWO in Athens where there is a somewhat sizable Anarchist population--however infiltrated that is. In a spiritual sense, my personal advice, however you want to take it, is to travel and live in a place where your spiritual ancestry resides, in the current time not based on a historical label--where your soul belongs. Maybe it's in some country that you don't think is part of your heritage--just saying, keep an open mind about where you may belong on the planet instead of relying on affiliations with cultural identity which may not be where you feel at home....

As for Israel being arrogant as a country, I think you have never discussed the colonization of Syria with the French, the destruction of the Congo with the Belgium or these countries which have no open war but still hold the strings of oppression, and death, in those countries. They are very arrogant about what they have done overseas to other countries and they remain staunch defenders of the slaughter they have collectively gotten huge wealthy out of, and still have private holdings and control over these former colonies. They make sure rape and war are the dominant themes in these ravaged and controlled countries, as they proudly stick their (pig) noses up in the air about their "superiority" (racism, violence, and total annihilation of the people they exploit and oppress. They can just hide it so much more carefully than a country like Israel does in defense of it's borders--as you said, at least Israel admits what they are doing. America is just part of a European push for dominance, all controlled by Germany and France--(with Italy in the background pushing a lot through the Church). I see the same type of overtake here in Thailand, the same sort of model of rape, exploit and brainwash is used with more or less violence in most of the countries that are clamoring to be all the little tigers in Asia who will receive the benefits of the now expanding EU investment schemes--all have been prostituted in one way or another, in Thailand they just openly salute Hitler and wear Swastikas--literally--so, whatever country your family comes from, you may not find you have a real affinity for after all. Just an opinion, not trying to deter you at all, follow your soul and what your personality needs in this world--maybe it's Italy or Ireland, maybe not, maybe your heritage has other components from all the millennium past that you also don't know about in some history of migration.