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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Forgive The Weary Blogger

Im sick, older and tired. Frustrated and brain damaged. Ive gone partially clinically insane (dont even try to use that legally against me ever).

A man from Scientology I met in a big city on my way up the northwest coast was very kind and said alot of what we read about the organization is black propaganda from the same people who target TIs. He talked about my travels with me. I didnt tell him about the blog I just gave it too him on a piece of paper as I always do with people, never telling them its mine.

He just wrote me with some travel suggestions.

Hearing from a person who's face I saw in real life brought me back to reality. Just blogging, being surrounded by my Traveler life or the gang stalking system, being mentally targeted daily in most places and only writing to and reading comments from readers has made me live in my own head and experiences to a very dangerous degree.

My blog has become unfocused and it made me realize I have lost my responsibility to people who read this, becuz I cant see them nor hear them.

Being targeted works off a person's inner world such as the inner eyes and hearing. Even with the ability to communicate, after so much work on the system's part, you can no longer communicate effectively after so much living as a Targeted Individual.

This is one of the main dangers of their system. Its why they isolate Targets like me from activist groups like FFCH becuz they know i was too smart and saw through how much mc they were using and started asking questions. They were so experienced in their craft they basically ran me off a month after I got into TI activism.

The system is always looking to get the Targeted Survivor into a cult. I dont trust Scientology. Its too closely aligned with the Navy and other things. I also dont trust the amount of egging on from the system I got after that encounter, to join Scientology.

As Ive posted its always about blocking whatever the person has in thier internal programming or what comes to them spiritually by nature.

Become a Satanist, become a Christian, a Jew. Join Scientology. Anything but being able to even get near ever again my natural affinity for Hermetics or Rosicrucianism. Why?

Becuz its gotta be one of the forms of social control that exists in the modern world it seems.

The encounter did make me realize that I need to change SOMETHING about what I am doing becuz as a TI I live in a very insular world, even if as a Traveler I have contacts.

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  1. Be careful. Scientology is a twisted cult, and they use harassment techniques on former members. If you really met up with a scientologist it was probably part of the gang stalking campaign.