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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Return To MIT's Lincoln Labs Activities/African Americans Provide Never Ending Ground Support For The Eyes In The Sky

I keep returning to my days living in Littleton, MA and working at a convenience store in Acton.

Lincoln Labs is right nearby. Theres also a military base or was one in Ayer. Theres a prison in Concord which one goes by when traveling from Littleton to Acton, rt 2.

I recall a similar group of people would come to visit and chat as were showing up in my prior job at a small imported goods store in Providence, RI around the college area.

These were stalkers I realized years later. And they were there to watch, chat and try to get me to become involved w them if they could.

As usual the security camera systems in the store would cause forced self talk do to the anxiety induced.

Strange dreams and occurances were happening during my living at my aunt and uncles house in Littleton.
Predictive dreams and in the end of my stay there, repeated drug dreams featuring cocaine use that eventually coerced me, along with the gang stalking and circumstances at the house-to retreat to living in the big city life in Boston and working in adult entertainment.

I now believe that a man who bought my truck when moving away to Boston was the same Eddie Cox aka Eddie Hand Id been stalked by in 2006 when forced onto the road to leave MA, on my first traveling experience.

If it was not he, it was someone with the same creepiness and almost inhuman dark energy-or a blackhole like existence of no human energy at all is what it felt like.

There was definately experimentation going on when I lived in Littleton.

Again just like in St Louis, there was Native American burial ground nearby. (East St Louis has a large area and when I lived in St Louis being tortured while Hayden was still CIA head, East St Louis was the most violent city in the USA. The chaos causing units were active there then. They were pressuring me very heavily to commit suicide in a very gory way and also this location is as close as I ever came to snapping and becoming a lone shooter with a murder-suicide ending....
Only a day or two after I fought and won over this snapping process, there was in fact a lone shooting incident in city hall killing a politician and a policeman. I saw and experienced the chaos crews with my own eyes, first hand.)

In Littleton I was ran off the road by a big rig and trailer at night-he was in my lane. During a vacation with my aunt and uncle where I drove their van I was boxed in by trucks on the highway for no reason. Interestingly my aunt's husband had predicted this would occur before it did. Hmph.

Late one night up the street from my uncles house on Newtown Rd in Littleton, I was driving and swear I saw something run across the road in front of me. It was the shape of a man but it was translucsent. Like invisibility but you could still see an outline in the dark with the effect of headlights.

Very strange things of this nature.

And this nerdy blonde scientist from Lincoln Labs that got me to go out with him (becuz I was 19 and stupid) then demanded I kiss him at the end of the night in my aunts driveway when he drove me home. My aunt being a former model and vert fashion aware commented on how he used cover up on his few zits on his face but didnt blend it in.

I never responded to him again. People who are aware of who intergenerational mc victims are always stalk and surround the person.

These instances and people who are 'in on it' are the same arrogant, smug pieces of shit Ive been dealing with being gang stalked over the past ten years.
The one most degrading thing is that it was never so many African Americans involved back then.
If anyone knows how to beat down and handle slaves its them, which makes them extremely dangerous to anyone seeking freedom and growth as a targeted Survivor of mind control trying to flee to freedom.

Their attitude consistently being GS perps is one of enslavement being normal and they deal with it casually. In fact many of them seem to understand no other kind of life or mentality.

As a woman of purely European descent for me to be handled, ruled over, dictated to or fucked with by people of African descent specifically the American slave stock blacks is one of THE greatest crimes in the entire list of offenses against me and war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Just recently in Portland at Transition Project-another atypical homeless drop in where ghetto types freely strut around and waste their time daily, though the staff are hipsters, the higher up of course is a black male.
A black male worker predicted I would be having a similar argument or discussion about shower rules someday with a client.
Blacks specifically males are the most brazen with the brainwashing that goes on with TIs. I believe its akin to rape and its their pathetic one chance that day of indulging in a power trip due to my situation being as it is and has been.

Theyve done this for years-behaved as if my losing my looks and being beaten down and brainwashed into believing working wirh the homeless is all I am capable of IS COMPLETELY NORMAL.

To them a beat down and recapture back into slavery IS TOTAL NORMAL.

A woman I met from Africa last week said Africans dont travel-that traveling and backpacking around rhw USA is 'an American thing'. Other than African nomadic tribes, these people dont understand not being grounded.

If we came out of Africa, then whites traveled a hell of a long way for millenia, Caucasian remains showing up in civilizations around the world.
Its what we do, its how we survive.

Majority of blacks would have us spirit broken and settled down if their mentality were followed by whites.

The perps who surrounded me in my early years seemed to at least have some encouragement for a better life at least a better quality one.

Lincoln Labs and MIT are fully immersed in mind control projects-Ive experienced being interfaced every time Ive gone to use MITs computers. Even on Sundays.

And the camera system in the link above can be used to track a Target-then the towers and other means are used to influence the Targeted Individual. By microwaves or other tech.

Under the guise of national security, our nation is now monitored by technologies that make it possible to watch and track the population and target specific people, then use classified means to manipulate large numbers of people or one inividual.

Not exactly the rationale or reasons they are telling the public the surveillance tech is supposed to be being used for.

Its not to keep you safe-its to keep THEIR investments safe and to protect special interests and the will of the elites.
Its to keep the public and their environments controlled not safe.
Not 'safe' as the public would believe that being defined. With their typical use of double meanings on words-safe for them not for the public.

Unless you are so desperate you consider slavery to be a form of security and safety. Much like our population coming out of America's African American slave population.

And along with these means of control from technologies the powers have no shortage of house slave for support on the ground, believe me.

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