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Monday, September 30, 2013

Book On Math Genius Who Solved World's Toughest Math Problem May Be Propaganda

See I have a problem with this. Its probably going to say he went mad like in A Beautiful Mind or something like that.

I admire this guy becuz he is such a purest- seeing value in math as opposed to monetary value, that when he realized the kind of corruption and dishonest use of intellectual power that existed in academia in the USA he acted on it instead of taking the payoff.

From what Ive seen on his life since then it seems very much like he's targeted.

So of course he has to be represented as someone who willingly withdrew from the world and from the USA etc etc.

The truth will never be told about how the US keeps its position as a world power or this system that IS actually what
makes the world work.

People keep searching for the meaning of life or the secret to change their lives...its the gang stalking system. That is the secret of the world we live in that no one is going to tell you about nor no one seems to know about.

It amazes me when I am in a bookstore like the Harvard Co-Op and all these hardcovers explaining the supposed ways that economics works or sociology or psychology etc.

No one ever takes the gang stalking system into account for its influence in everything that makes up the world around us.

Once you discover that, you know far too much.


mej313 said...

There was also a movie that exposes how the system of blacklisting and one of the facets of GS operates, which is that of every business and place shunning and discriminating against a target-- and how it's run by secret societies--it's called Brotherhood of the Bell.

mej313 said...

In Cooper's Hour of the Time #33, he writes of an Arizona police magazine that expresses NWO sort of GS mentality--how to knock off anyone opposed to the NWO, mostly to eliminate the older generation of police who don't want to conform to the NWO--Euthanasia is mentioned for older retirees, although the connection between eliminating older generations of police who don't want to circumvent the Constitution and the policy of Euthanasia that Cooper says Hillary Clinton was pushing as a new agenda while the police in AZ were implementing their part of the NWO via brainwashing and just, as he hints, outright murder of anyone opposed to curtailing individual rights and the law according to the US Constitution--the system we now experience in GS, therefore, which was supposed to have been completed in a Grand Design by 2000--the year of the Bush coup d'etat.