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Saturday, September 7, 2013

President Hamid Karzai Confirms CIA Payments-The Boston Globe

The problem is that its too late to do anything about any of this now. The entire country and most of the world now live in a psycho managed environment via mass mind control.

The guy takes money from the CIA. I suspect his confirming this so casually and overtly is a part of the psy ops against the American people which he's been paid for years on now.
They want the nation to accept these practices as part of keeping America and the world strong.

The NWO is all about getting people to accept shady corruption instead of being outraged as wud be the norm years ago.

People knew about this kind of goings on 40 years ago. It was part of the socially acceptable counter culture of the time-smart people knew this stuff especially in the northeast where someone you had drinks with always ended up knowing someone in the know either thru socializing or business. But you lived with it, while being aware. Everyone knew these things were wrong and had the normal healthy human response to such unpleasant necessities of the running of the real world.

That's also becuz that system didn't ask so much of average people nor did the system interfere with citizens lives the way they are doing today.

There's a difference between living with the sad knowledge of the way of the world and remaining human with each other and today's trying to create a living hell on earth where people are forced to have a state of torture become normalized until the public turns into inhuman monsters in order to survive.

Glorifying such actions as well as encouraging casual attitudes about corruption for necessities sake along with the intimation that we can't do anything about it anyway creates a mentality in people that makes being inhuman greedy and evil the norm. It also induces a slave mentality that the people shouldn't bother to care and have no recourse anyway.

What the author refers to as bizzarro land norms has been well known for years. Recently however in the USA you weren't allowed to acknowledge such things anymore lest you risk being perceived as a terrorist sympathizer or a wingnut conspiracy theorist or mentally ill.

It encourages the public to become aware of corruption and just accept it without being able to do anything about it.

The Globe is full of it anyway as is every part of the East Coast establishment in this.

Once they do a story on how the entire country is now under perfected mass mind control via tech, chemicals and psy ops which was implemented under Bush post 9-11 and of course brainwashing-then I will believe anyone at The Globe actually cares about actual meaningful corruption in the US or the world.

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