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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reader Comments 9/25/13

"That website is dodgy: when I went to the homepage there was no information at all, it was a grey template. It sounds likea lure and bait site. If you just wait and put your name on their mailing list,you will get the big secret of how to evade the FBI surveillanceof atleast 20cars with all kinds of CCTV coverage and communication, one against all that. I doubt it.....but I only thought of this after sending them an email, I feel likeI've just bought a lemon and got put on some list and it feelsdangerous. It's also likeallthe petitions so-called "victim"TI siteshave, where they just want you to put your name on a list. Another thing they didn't mention that I experience every time I drive are cars waiting at key points of my route that wait to drive in front of me on cue, only to slow down and block the road. Since I drive motorbike, and people pass each other all the time on the roads here, I am stuck behind some old car spewing out black smoke, so I try to get around the on Vehicle Surveillance:TheFBIsSystem Publish | Delete | Spam

mej313 at 3:08"

The website had since been sold. The original site doesnt exist anymore.  Thats all.

It doesnt mean that page doesnt have valuable info anymore.

"Thank you for the very interesting link. I have only just begun reading it, but so far my comment immediately is that no one is mentioning the technology called Synthetic Telepathy. Even Dr. John Hall mentioned that invasivetechnologyin aninterview on BlogTalk Radio. The FBI uses Synthetic Telepathy to "read" your thoughts and they are prepared in advance to stalk the target. It's very hard to outwit them when they can read your thoughts in advance. on Vehicle Surveillance: The FBIs System Publish | Delete | Spam

mej313 at 2:17 AM"

Firstly, that page was just an interesting link from ExposeGangStalking.com, the post previous to the one you commented on.
I posted this to show people that the things done to targeted people do exist and are built on years of experience. Intelligence networks span centuries, people dont seem to realize that.
Behind every empire, every crown, every civilization in history-there have been spies. The means of programming people and black magick are ancient.
Its modern, industrialized civilization that is very new-and very stupid.

The site it is linked from also doesnt mention gang stalking's connection to higher level things like classified projects or occult activity.

Sometimes info just focuses on the gang stalking part of things.

I dont know if lower level perps are aware of the more outlandish, classified stuff connected to gang stalking. The experimentation. Often it seems not but sometimes they are so demented and sick that they are aware of the classified weapons and tech being used on people but its no big deal. Its the norm in their sick world.

You are right to remind TIs not to lose sight of things connected to GS. We might become brainwashed and forget ourselves whats in the bigger picture.

The ExposeGS site is good as a reminder, validation and for newcomers.

I also was approached for recruitment or moreso pounced on in Mesa, AZ after my GS went overt and 24/7 for a year or so. They thought Id been beaten down enough to be weakened but I had internal programming from being a mind control project subject which made me impervious to this kind of stupidity.

It was so amatuerish. It was mostly young males doing the harassment which made me more resistant as well as angry and secretly spiteful. Who the fuck do these clowns think they are? Oh and I was going to collect info on them all this while, and get revenge on the system later, which Ive coninued to work towards to this day.

One hipster looking a-hole started by approaching me like I was a scared child. He talked to me like one too-"I can make it stop, Rachael". F*cker even knew my name, and this is all after a small perp group and a uniformed cop got done doing a theatre on me-an action. Psych warfare, harassment.

My internal alters...the assasin and other very nasty ones wanted to take this little insignificant male weakling out, cold right then and there but I knew I had a job to do so a front alter was put forth and he was met with a female who appears very stupid and guileless. That was enuf while I mentally recorded every fuckin word and detail of the encounter.
Becuz that is my job; my function in all this.

He told me that I cud have a 'job' where I wud be paid every two weeks and I and the group would change locations and travel every three weeks.

The "I can make it stop" comment was one of the most annoying things Ive ever had to live thru hearing on this project.
So many of these arrogant fuckers dont realize how close they come to dying by screwing with programmed mind control slaves with Satanic and Templar or other ritual abuse as part of laying in internal programming.

I think the really evil, serious people like Eddie Cox understand what they are dealing with becuz people like that approach Survivors with a bit of fear and respect, even while trying to get the best of us.
Hes also from the bayou..which means he knows about nature. Like how fast a seemingly still gator can move and bite your head off, quickly.

This is why I agree with the info put forth by the author of ExposeGS, even if the site is presented less than articulate and confusing to outsiders.

From my experience it does seem that the common GS perp doesnt understand the situation in its entirety. Either that or they think they know what these classified projects are about but arent truly evil, predatory, artistic nor intelligent enuf to really grasp what internal programming is and what the person they are dealing with is capable of.

And I agree about levels of perps. It does seem that people Ive referred to as 'helpful perps' are either compromised regular citizens or Green Perps, the term used.
Ive questioned them and they seem genuinely unaware of what else these operations entail. Like Ritual Abuse, high level programming, etc.

There are alot of arrogant and ignorant blacks involved in GS and they can always be depended on to continue to serve their masters well with further discrediting hard working Targeted Survivors by claiming the Target is just making up stories or lying to evade responsibilities.
They have been brainwashed so long and dependant on the authority that they cannot possibly admit that their Massa might be lying to them or that they are not on the side of total absolute right and power, becuz remember thats the only safety and identity they have.
The women tend to be much more into this when the Target is a female they are being typically catty, to. Out of impulsivity and not having presence of mind of course, which is what makes them endlessly useful to the oppressor and is why they have never yet been allowed to truly be set free.
Any African American truly effective at fighting for freedom gets shot, framed, targeted or has to flee to another country to escape. Believe it.

Its nice to see a site that addresses all the crap many of us go thru in the beginning in a simple way.

Those years are the most hurtful and damaging. And Targets always run the risk of being turned if we are not vigilant.

"You should come to Vermont. I got off the road here after 15 years of it, including time in Phoenix, Tucson and Portland,OR. The began messing with me many years ago, so I know how tired you must be, about as tired as I am at 51 probably. I want to leave the US too, I've been looking into Uruguay. It seems likethebest bet so far. Think about Vermont, seriously. I can be reached by email at: ----@gmail.com(you got a friend!!) on Trying To Leave US Getting Tormented Every Step Of Way
Publish | Delete | Spam

Unknown on 9/19/13"

Vermont was a place that messed with me viscously in 2006 right after I left that moldy apartment in Brighton, MA and was being driven onto the road with harassment, so the system could do worse experimentation and torture in locations with more intense tech or places like the sw desert or the midwest where large scale operations are done due to lots of unpopulated land, military bases etc.

The scumbag rich assholes and local white trash homebums in Burlington, VT will never be forgiven for the damage they inflicted on me in those early years.
Plus the local shitty shelter owned and run by a large money church in California,
A Chinese guy from Cali runs it and gaslighted me by inferring stuff but not helping me by telling me himself. That c*nt also intimated I had the mind of a child.

The white trash used to come to the windows at night with flashlights and keep me awake. All young guys of course.

There was a pedo and his fat daughter there in on it. I will never forget him pushing food on her-knowing addictions lIke overeating numb out memories of sexual abuse.

I cannot tell you how many pedos and their families are in on these ops...all along with uniformed cops in marked cruisers, fed employees from the US Mail (overt about harassment and stalking. Their actions were not imagined nor misunderstood), unions, firemen etc etc. All Homeland Security first responder, anti terror types PLUS the scum of the earth, huh?
God FUCK America, I cant wait to get out of this deceptive piece of shit.

Anywhere in New England is extremely dangerous, for me anyway. Its all establIshment and military, medical and academic complex. (Raytheon, GE, MIT, Harvard, Yale, endless military and medical industrial complex companies, and a lot of research hospitals and colleges/university...add to that muliple ethnic org crime syndacates as well as powerful religious orgs like Judaism and Catholicism. Old money. Very powerful and infliencial African American leaders and orgs. Corrupt and 'connected' unions.)

They also had a guy steal paperwork I needed for my mold lawsuit off of a printer in the Burlington Library, so I used the hospital instead (f*ck you. There are some ancient Crafts who refuse to sell out their ancient sects and oaths to the NWO abomination of nature.)

Its also a place where citizens were really mean to me. On the street a bitch in a car aggressively 'attacked' me by snapping me with a cell phone.
Again another young person at the time.
I loathe the US for having so many people in their early 20s at that time destroying me. I cant wait to leave this shithole with all the 'souless ones' who have been the young people in this country for the generations since Bush and 9-11.

Post office acted like I was a danger mailing something.

It was the first place I experienxed their capacity for psy ops tricks.
Somehow they found a bunch of males of all shapes and sizes who had similarities to my then ex boyfriend of four years who had turned on me, Jake Hamilton of Newton, MA.

It was astonishing, the use of an image of importance to someone to manipulate the mind.
I marveled, caught on, then ignored it per usual.

They also had some assh*le at the hospital bus stop who looked just like  Chuck Pettiti (one of the real estate family involved in the building I was suing for) messing with me, but I knew he had a few brothers so that was probably who that was. Ignored him too.

Fuck all these people. Burlington, VT better watch its ass. Becuz if this bitch ever gets any sort of power and resources I AM GOING TO HAMMER BURLINGTON, VT OUT OF EXISTENCE or at least handicap their power hungry asses severely.

VT is just another New England piece of shit with Trusrifarians when I was there and now Ive heard theyve taken the NWO bait and let blacks move in and ghetto up harass all de white girls.

Obviously, if they cant defend their wealth and uppity bs against Meh Dicking obsessed outsiders but can destroy my frickin life...then they are indeed Liberal Elitist scum who need to be severely punished.

VT doesnt exist for me....its not on the map. Ive wiped it off the map mentally.
Its better that way. Becuz I can accept the traditionally corrupt ignorant douchebaggery of Boston...but VT haf this uppity, better-than-thou attitude about Gang Stalking.

Hey, have fun with all yer rich blonde precious little bitches turning into ghettofied Coalburners.

Ive got no friends in New England. That place has chosen to degrade a once great best kept secret area in the US by selling out to the NWO.

I sit back and think about the melting gaciers drowning its inhabitants and immersing the lands in the watery grave it deserves.


  1. And perps defy logic a lot of times. A lot of the daily ones we encounter, we know how they always come off like they are superior to us. Yet they go to great lengths to imitate us. So... if they are so much greater than we, then why are do they seem to fascinated by us? Like they treat us like we actually don't matter to them, yet they do things that indicate that at some level in their minds, we are very important us, else they wouldn't be trying to imitate us. And the fact is they always seem so interested in targets and their daily lives.... they always have this double-standard going on.

    And I agree with stoporgangstalking.wordpress.com that the treatment TI's get are federal crimes, and a lot of TI's report their harassment to federal intelligence agencies, yet they get ignored or nothing gets done. That is a sufficient condition to implicate intelligence agencies, as though at the federal level crimes like this are being covered up and ignored by them. These are important issues that need looked into, yet the govt. never acts on them. So at some level they are involved.

    And border control at the Mex-USA border is weak because the politicians want Mexican house slaves over here to do their dirty work for them. It's as if there aren't enough selfish ignorant US citizens in on the harassment, so they have to have illegals coming over here. Yeah, they claim to have strengthened up border security at Nogales, AZ/Mexico. They also claim that so many more illegals filtering in from the El Paso border town is proof of this. LOL, I've never heard of something so laughable. They are trying to ease the mind of the US public by stating that less illegals are filtering through from Arizona by telling us more Mexicans are illegally entering at El Paso. LOL. Cue Marty Robbins and his tales of Felina or whoever that girl was in his hit song.

  2. I have been [url=http://www.kevinperelmantarget.com]targeted[/url] for over 30 years with the intent to
    remove me from society by a large group organized all around the world.