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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The "strange org stalk flyer under my door" thread
Anyone who has done research for years...well the last few years I guess, you had to have seen this by now. It always bugs me for some reason. Always.

Its jsut...on this thread there are a few people who seem ignorant of gs and then some TI's get on there and advocate and of course people start heavily nay saying.
My hats off to the active TI's who do this sort of work. I dont think I have ever been in a chat room or on a thread at any time in my life. It would...put ripples in my pool. And I need that to fight them day to day in real life.
My gawd. I cant imagine perps I cant see (cyberspace) writing stuff and pissing me off. What is great is that not just the hardcore TI's get on like a bunch of regular people pipe up.

What is so strange is...I mean I just wonder if the nay sayers or ignorant ones are perps or...just in denial. How can u deny something that is right there in history.
I guess that is the benefit of living in cyber space and not having to read a history book. It just scares me the easy deniability.

And the start always pisses me off : 'STRANGE org stalk flyer under my door. '

He says its 'creepy' and 'creepier'. Try living it dumbass.

And what the f*ck does " a little more than a bit tin foil hatish" mean? Did this guy take English in high school at all? I am homeless and losing it and I even know that doesnt 'sound right'...or even attractive to come out of ones mouth...or to write!! How about ' totally ignorant of reality-ish'? Ewww.
Listen: ALERT TO ALL TI's. Dont waste your time arguing, ever again, with anyone who puts
'-ish' at the end of any word..especially to describe a human rights violation, a crime or mobbing.

'Could be Halloween?' This aint no trik muthaf*cka, when you get targeted you'll know it, boy.

"Organized stalking meets the definition of what I posted earlier. As to this person, who is telling about organized stalking which is legitimate but then adding falsities to the mix of which did not happen and of spamming the forums, this is not a normal behavor of a normal sane person. "

Uhh, I dont quite understand what happened but it could be a pissed off TI or a TI who has been targeted too long. Also it might have been a perp posing as a crazy to make TI's look insane.. I dont quite know what the dynamics of play and engagement is in the cyber chat and thread world. Like tactics and such.
But it seems like a balanced least he says its legit.

What pisses me of most I guess is that if I imagine being there, it is pretty funny. They have the luxury of not being a TI. Then I have to realize that I cant be those guys. That I dont have fun conversations, that I cant afford the luxury of avoiding serious reality.

Actually this thread is useful. It might bring you back to a time when you had a lighter attitude and you could join w/ another person, blow things off.

Targets lives are heavy burdens everyday and on top of that there is no more engaging with people as such. You cant trust anybody. Never.

And dont tell me on page 2 that there is really a perp coming out like that. It cant be that easy..I mean they cant be that stupid and careless...then again from what I see in person. Hmmmm.

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