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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tooth cavitations/ false enviroments

Ahh, all the dentists and oral surgeons who have made life more difficult.

The Indian guy at Tufts who saw me for a possible cavitation saw my 20 lb backpack, asked if I was up for 'taking the stairs instead of the elevator' and then told me how extractions are not usually painful and he actually liked the way the pain felt when his father, also I dentist, pulled his out.
He was invalidating my painful extraction, trust me I know this kind of guy. He may not have been a perp but just a jerk....

I couldn't afford the X ray and really my problem lately is this cavitation. My eye hurts and my body movements are getting all unstable at times. I am sooo tired. This was the reason for that 'I am giving up' post I guess.

When you get perped by medical people too much u just get this psychological block against going to docs anymore. Your mind tells u immediately 'they're going to be mean to u' and u prob wont even get the thing solved anyway.

A cavitation is this infection that remains in the jaw due to it not being readily visible. You'll know becuz there are symptoms, usually its involving an infected 'bad' tooth or one that has been extracted. The oral surgeon might not even admit or think of it unless you suggest it as a possibility.

Here is an answer for everyone who thinks they may have a cavitation:http://www.quackpotwatch.org/opinionpieces/pennsylvniaNICO.htm

The thing about being targeted that is so dangerous is the cocktail formula of what they do to you can result in permanent changes in your way of processing the world around you through your own senses. One result is you perhaps become immune to pain at unhealthy levels.
It may be the combo of severe depression, lack of positive emotional stimulus, etc.
But I have experienced that this unnatural numbing of sensing physical pain as part of whatever is present that is unatural between 6AM and 12 Midnight.
I assume its tech becuz I have noticed that I can feel pain naturally again after 12 midnight or so, and I have blogged before how I seem to be on a time clock w/ what I can only assume is remote influencing technologies. From 6 am -12 am.
18 hours!
All times approx. and sometimes it seems to be 11:00pm or 1 am.

I know it sounds like I am making it up but you have to remember for me this is a relief. My family and perps across the country tried to mind control/gaslight me into accepting a label. For me to experience this as stopping at a certain hour at least gives me hope. What true mental illness do YOU know of that is on a time clock that only occurs during certain hours. Alot of us are so greatly abused and then we are hammered into silence its nice to have some validation and a logical explanation.

The danger is that any injury I have I just let it get worse. I am sure that contributes to a TI's health eroding.
And after 12 midnight I become alarmed upon 'waking up' realizing that this is an issue that needs to be taken care of. This has happened before with other injuries/health issues.

Yes, bad targeting experiences stop at 12 or 1 but so does the fake numbness that is put on me. It feels so good late at night to be yourself again just for a little while.

I beleive its part of the behavior modification essentially. You would eventually give up on the real Self and personality if you were only allowed to 'visit' or be in the presence of it 6 hours a day. Eventually it erodes who your really are. And recall how I felt when all the power went out on that whole block at that Radio Shack this summer. It was like someone lifted a cloak off of me. This heavy cloak; I was Me again. It was horrible. What was left underneath was a damaged human animal body and my spiritual energy has been depleted. The energy that makes us human. That makes us living creatures, human feeling beings.

You have to remember that alot of what TI's go through resembles being in a prison or wartime prison camp. There is documentation that cruel experiments have been done that include isolating a person for long periods and seeing the results. Prisons are documented as taking part in behavior modification. You dont want to beleive that it happens out in the open, that it would happen to people out in public. Look at all the false enviroments they are bringing out into open spaces? Dont you get it? Someone is doing things out in public spaces via remote influencing technologies that could only be done inside prior in a controlled environment. The gang stalking isolation may provide this controlled environment for the experimentee.

The new Boston Garden has this new design. The interior designers use outside park benches as inside seats. Often a society will inadvertinly reveal what they are up to in other sectors thru thier choices of expression of decoration or design of thier surroundings..its very primitive. There seems alot of outside is inside and inside is outside.
Possibly the suggestioin to the populus is to ease the public into becoming used to false enviroments as natural enviroments and they would become more used to false enviros all the time. Managed enviroments, where the perceptions are constantly managed.
It would not be so far fetched to imagine that people sentenced to prison could not be managed walking out in population. I beleive that is the goal of some of this experimentation. I mean look at us, they frickin' doin it now. Flash mobbing is also very much part of what we go thru...the idea that an enviroment can be created so quickly by these groups and they are essentially false in nature via the groups behavior. You can take it anywhere, and after the group dissapates so does what they created. I have met perps who like to brag about them and their friends making craziness in 'public spaces' on purpose.
Terrorism thats all it is. But imagine if you could institutionalize this sort of activity..you would create a control for all of society.
Then to creat false enviroments outside and have the human mind become used to having no division or compartmentalization of nature 'outside' compared to false indoor enviroment 'inside'. In other words when you walk out and cross over your threshold you dont go into a natural healthy enviroment....the seperation in the mind of nature outside and a false man made enviro inside is not longer present..inside wud resemble outdoors but be false and what used to be nature outside would be cluttered up with man made influence of all kinds...all of our enviorment would become man made-and false. In the past we have been able to reconcile with a few trees left among the street lamps, but there was always places to get away.
Also I am talking about a false environment that consists of remote influence tech as part of the structure of the false environment-outside and inside. In fact thru this tech, both environments could be fused.

A collective of everything...minds, outside and inside buildings. This is why No Privacy is essential. You would have no privacy in this sort of set up.

Ultimately this is the management of the masses thru remote influence tech but also it is thru changing peoples environments....psyching out the human mind so that the outside and the inside are interchangable or fused.

Nothing would be fully yours...not a moment, not a nature walk, not a thought, not a breath. Essentially this is the way it is in reality anyway, but this system seems to be based on terrorism and hate. If you stay terrorized with little bits of this everyday you can be managed....peace can be made the public can be made docile.

A perfect example is what is done to Targets..everyday you are terrorized and eventually you become accustomed to the fact that these groups are always out there and like Viet-fukcin-nam you never know when you'll get attacked or from what direction it will come from or when.
If this is done over time then all that needs to be done to manage a person or populus is it is continued with smaller doses eventually..like a drug.
Like a TI eventually you would lose your sense of independance, your high intelligence, your creativity and you would become peaceful and docile to aviod being receptive (alive) to the next attack..part of you would spend you time always waiting on guard.
You are now fully managed and under control, you have no freedom and you no longer exist.

This might actually be worth it to many numbskulls who want world peace. They are all people who are imprisoned anyway and dont know freedom either within themselves emotionally or through thier lives.
They are tamed and they want to see the rest of the world tamed.
Read my postings on slave making...this system would be about 'breaking' the whole human race...which one might need for living underground or in a space station. I'll take my chances out in the wild personally.

My favorite story is when the Titanic sank, the band stayed cuz there werent enuf life boats..they jsut got drunk and played and a bunch of people went down with the ship..what choice did they have? If the earth gets THAT crazy with the results of pollution, overpopulation and otherwise there are those of us that would rather live and die naturally. What have false enviroments gotten us so far??The very problems that they now intend to try to house us from.

I sense a tower of Babel and man has a habit of doing this shit thru history and like the Titanic it always fux up somehow. YOU HAVE TO MERGE TECHNOLOGY AND MECHANICS WITH NATURE IN A HARMONIOUS EQUATION.. a balance. Tech in moderation, production and population in moderation. That is never the trend...

Pull up to the bar and lets drink as the band plays on...

If this goes down thier will be a bunch of people who dont want to conform to this humanity destroying desperate attempt at managing the crisis..and we should have that choice.
I find it very suspect that man would not simply learn to be sophisticated enough to do things properly to begin with opposed to messing things up so badly then enslavement of man kind as the Answer to everything.

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