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Monday, October 27, 2008

Another score for the FBI's kid brother-All grown up!\Elections\20081027\Skinhead-Plot.xml&cat=politics&subcat=elections&pageid=1
OK so a bunch of kids who listened to too much Hatecore music had decided to go for it. Uhh, if you were on a big killing spree I assume that you'd attract so much attention that you'd reduce your chances of getting to candidate. (duh).
The ATF bugs me. ..after Waco and them tagging along with the FBI like a kid brother to make a name for themselves w/ their new windbreakers they had on with ATF in big letters to market them back into existence (they were a dept that was going to be liquidated for being obsolete).
Well, when yer tryin to make a name for yourself.

One of the lone survivors of Jonestown is still appalled that the FBI doesn't seem to know how to handle a group of people w/ a cult mentality without it turning ugly.

Seems whenever people are tryin to make a name for themselves there must be everyone who perps TI's for instance.

Interesting though, that in the big picture, there is the gang stalking system, which leaves all TI's with the impression that there is a system in place that knows pretty much who all the serial killers are, who all the real criminals are and pretty much who is doing what at any time. Which is why TI's can never be validated.
The only way out of that maze is if people were told that only certain 'targeted' people were constantly monitored....not all of society. But with such an extensive spy network-??

Kind of a drag isn't get kicked out of the house, walk outside, discover what is really out there in this world and now you are so can never go back in-unless you say you imagined it all.


AJH said...

I know what your mean; there are so many "designed coincidences" at every turn, (of the page, website, street corner etc.) and we have this ringside seat just for us that cannot be shared with anyone. (Because, like you say, it seems so improbable that no one would believe us, even if a naive subject). What to do? Blog about them all or only some, or none. For me as a TI blogger,I will articulate the most egregious "coincidences" and leave the remainder for my handwritten journal as it gets too much, and we are writing for others.

I always enjoy your blogging thoughts.

Randy R said...

if you look at a larger pic of that skinhead, its pretty funny because 'he' kinda looks like a woman or something, maybe a weightlifting dyke with a shaved head.
It looks like he's wearing lipstick
and his eyebrows look plucked. pretty weird, i laughed when i saw him.

Randy R said...

heres a larger pic: