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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Forced forgiveness

Is anybody else getting this?

Firstly it seems there are tactics to induce this as well as everything else the perps want from Targets. At least those of us they seem to be able to really emotionally manipulate. And beyond of course.

Gang stalkers will often purposely sit around looking guilty in the damnedest places. Perps will try to get you to have sympathy for them and what they have done. Especially the men if u r female TI. Its a minimizing tactic that works best between the sexes. They try to induce forgiveness and sympathy.

I even had a girl walk past me panhandling. She stopped, looked at me and said " I'm sorry I am sorry." Then, oddly she added " They screamed at me". I dont even want to know what that was about. Was it her perp group she belongs to or some v2k. I have never considered that the perps get v2k. I mean I keep going on what I know which is trauma based mind control.

As a survivor it is a bit easier to deal w/ tech as mind control becuz of my internal programming.

I have seen perps in a state of what seems cult mind control. I should consider moreso that they are under remote influence.

I had a dream this morning that I forgave a perp that was harassing me in a shelter. She has since backed off becuz the groups knows I am hip and will out them and the places they frequent.

Yes, the healer part of me wants to heal all hurting people especially when its obvious that they are in pain..one can readily see this in the eyes of many a gang stalker.

But it should be the victims choice, not forced. When I woke up I felt altered, like I had emotionally let go of that energy.

Let me tell you what I think. I think that TI's are being put into states of great stress and then all that stress which cannot be let out becuz they are isolated and ignored, is used to wear them down inside emotionally. Like a person in prison they must adapt eventually to survive. So they commit suicide emotionally and personality wise and go towards Stockholm syndrome.

There is a theory more on the occult or metaphysical end that energy is being stolen. That people feed off victims being sad, angry and negative. I must say alot of this energy IS produced and it does seem like there's an emptying of the energy store up.
Forced forgiveness, remotely induced emotional states like this could be used as the mechanism to steal or take energy. From there I dont know how it would work. There has never been official denial of psychics protecting this country.

But for the neutralization of a TI it makes sense to get the person angry or in a state of negative energies...really unhappy and helpless, then holding onto that energy to survive alters the TI as a person. To gain more control over the TI the system may emotionally manipulate the Target into releasing that anger and resentment.
I love it...forced recovery culture. Actual forced cult mind control. Feel what we want you to feel. You will be made docile.

What a great way for all the perps to get off scott free as well as not have to pay any psychic debts that the TI may keep and the true balancing forces in nature would put upon them ...like the perps would feel guilt especially when the TI was around becuz in nature they have done wrong to you, grossly so, and they know they
owe you' energy that has been taken via thier actions. So TI's are apparently being forced into letting go of emotional if not spiritual debts.

It completely drains the TI and makes them let go of all thier emotional power. This may also be how they slowly drain a victim of powerful Life force to make them docile permanently. Like a permanent aging.

I know it sounds 'far out' but those are the levels I work on. That is my job ( I ma convinced) in this situation we are all in. Explaining 'fringe' sounding issues and making them clear and reasonable...plausible.

Who knows what the capability is with these technologies. There is a whole other area I wont get into having to do with the crossing of tech and the spiritual. I highly suspect that the system has this capacity and its all grown up now.

IF that were true, if this is possible what makes no sense is why the system and the perps insist in making living dead/permanent prisoners out of TI's. The only thing that would make sense is that there is a stealing of the energy we produce.

And dont even start with people turning into lizards and sh*t becuz its not like that.

This was the whole problem with the satanic panic. Ritual abuse exists but it does not have to be all the costume and theatrics of Satanists in movies. Its what goes on over many years to the person. Its how they are treated.
We have all met emotional vampires and I think this is really the essence of it. I beleive there are bloodlines but its not so damn literal. Its just DNA.

What is more frightening than any of this is the addition of tech that is so damn enslaving. Outright imprisonment of the person thru manipulation of base human primitive emotion (sex, anger, fear, death) and the destruction of the higher more refined emotional abilities.

When I was compartmentalized I was capable in many ways of feeling and thinking that I am basically forbade now.

I was never forced into really forgiving someone thats for sure. I either hated people for what they did to me or I gave into people out of barter or convenience even if they didnt deserve it. I had my own personal emotions.

This is the worst thing I think I have experienced in all my time being heavily targeted.

If you look up 'forced forgiveness' it reads as emotional abuse. And that is all TI's get to have in thier lives.

Its more cult mind control. That is all. Give in to the abusive authority figure and all its minions. And you are really forced to forgive...what goes on in the dream becomes real once you wake up.

I just know that these programs of behavior mod are being pushed as equalizing and good for everyone involved and everyone will be so much happier when they have been altered (trained).

I have read that one kid who is a survivor of one of those teen behavior mod camps that is really abusive, crazy and illegal said that there was backdoor donations to the Rep party.
Now I am not a fan of either party..I am a Centralist and the best I could hope for is Libertarian I guess.
There are downsides to every level of the two parties and levels.
The problem recently is that when you deal with Bush you deal with the CIA and that includes the nasty little part of it that is not so professional. For instance who was it that warned us of the Military industrial complex? Ike a military man.
Do not confuse Military with Military Industrial. McCain seemed not too pleased with the people who ran this thing into the ground. I dont think we would have had the same results had a true inter generational military man had been president.

We have all watched since Carter. Do the logic. So much of the dealings are done like intelligence people do things, not military and they are NOT the same kinds of people.
So the Republicans have been...infiltrated if you will. Then you have the Christian right on board which is a total violation of church and state as far as I am concerned. It may not be a literal outright LEGAL violation but you see what I am getting at.

I was in MO long enough to view alot of Evangelist material. To talk to people.
Alot of it is too much about money and or mind control/control of the people. That is fine and they have a right to worship as they please. What happens when these people merge with an agency that has a darker past w/ secret wars, MK Ultra etc etc.

When I heard a preacher on Daystar on day, talking about things that could have been nothing OTHER than the remote influence that TI's experience and putting it under the guise of 'God' doing it....I knew where this was going.

If people really believe that humans need to be told how to behave and are conservative hard asses that will stop at nothing to reform thier country what lengths do you think they will go to? How much do you think they will lie or stand by lies?

I dont care about lies, mudslinging, wars, covert actions, secret wars, payoffs, bribes...AAALLLLL your typical human behaviors. But using mind control tech is waayyy too much. Altering a person against thier will to make them compliant and doing it sneakily is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Wanting peace is one thing but inducing false peace is not the same. The fact that there is no recourse to all this is a statement unto itself about the morality of it.

Making someone peaceable becuz you want to favor certain people or cover asses is akin to false imprisonment. Marketing it as making the person 'good' or a new person is just disgusting.

The monsters that we are dealing with now are not Republicans nor are they simply conservatives. It is not conspiracy theory for me to say that something else is hiding behind those fronts.

Just becuz a bunch of whack jobs like to wallow in far fetched sci fi or worse and have ruined the word conspiracy does not mean that conspiracies no longer exist. Nor does it mean that alternative or unofficial history does not exist.
Legends come from factual stories.
When people dont know what is happening to them or what is really going on they can only guess or fill in the blanks or deduct. This does not make them evil plotting theorists, it makes them smart yet uninformed people who know somethin is up, people are up to stuff but no one is quite clear as to the details.

There is definitely somethin up if you will. People aren't stupid no matter how you try to foster this in them. The minimizing of what is happening on the big picture levels is a reflection of a Targets life and how we have to live with people not knowing just how severe the targeting is, and if they do its ignored and thus minimized. We are subjugated.

There is nothing wrong with that...in fact humans have been doing this for thousands of years to each other. To fight oppression is not stupid or silly either. I cannot beleive the amount of stupid young people I have walk by me who have no idea what is really transpiring nor do they even realize they are oppressed. Something is severely wrong with this generation of kids. Its like they know but support it. How they got that way I will not understand. They are some of the most powerless young people I have ever seen. And it is not thier fault.
They are so oppressed and intimidated that they dont know what else to do I believe. Even if they disagree w/ what is happening they support it by apathy.
As usual older people can gain perspective from the young.
What that tells me is that it has gone so far, that the nwo as a description of this system is already here. The idea of keeping slaves overtly is readily accepted. That there is a new version of 'people who don't matter' except we don't get to show a stint in jail that was a fuck over or an 'accident' being run off the road.

We are actually going to be dissolved into society. Altered with behavior modification and technologies until our personal histories have been re written.

The re education camps are already here. Unlike 1984 however, which I sometimes wonder if it wasn't written for the bad guys and not against them, you can still keep fighting. You can still disagree and continue to be vocal. At least there is that left to America. But the daily harassment is designed to keep one from being able to reach that freedom of speech and expression. The alteration of the human being who is a target thru tech and other means is meant to crush any urge of rebellion from within.
The victim of crime will be altered so that they no longer see themselves as deserving any justice. The change will come from within and it will be permanent.

I believe that the left just took abuse and therapy culture too far and now there is this backlash becuz they were destroying the culture and making people weak and dependant. All it led to was big pharma in the end anyway...if you didn't have money for a talk therapist to meet with frequently.

Forced forgiveness is just another emotional abuse yes, but not just in that mamby pamby therapy culture definition. This is a part of real torture of human beings, silencing victim witnesses and will use behavior modification to reach those ends.
They want people silenced, manageable and basically reprogrammed.

I am sure that the certain people believe in violence of this sort if they feel the ends result will be something good. Most TI's who survive will not be happy or wont be real people anymore.

The fact that covert activities are not illegal indicates there is nothing good in this.

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  1. Yeah, ive had perps eyes get all watery... once when i got blitz attacked on a train, it was about a 2 day trip and i was surrounded by perps. This one perp looked back at me, when others were sleeping, and gave me this long tearful, very pained look. I just felt disgust. It was like he felt bad for me, but he's still part of it for whatever reason.
    There is an energy transfer, the perps leech life energy from TI's, whether they are conscious of it or not. I think gangstalkingworld.com had something about this, he called them "sappers".
    Ive also gotten the bs, like they are trying to help me, that i "have to learn", like anything ive ever done is soo wrong. If ive gotten kind of crazy when drinking, and have a drinking problem, this is a bigger deal and threat to the public than some bible thumping coach that turns out to be a molester. Im the one that needs watching and correction. What bad is even non perps seem to join in with this groupthink. The future of humanity looks bleak.