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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ned and Ralph-The Metro Newspaper

Ahhh here I go again. My head on the chopping block, no place to live but full of commentary and opinions. I suppose in my position I of all people can afford the luxury of saying what is on my mind...what are ya gonna do? (snicker) Destroy my life?

So I am now going to comment on a writers article...I am so under the radar and the m o is to ignore me until I 'go away' anyway, so why not use it?

Article in Metro newspaper Boston edition.http://www.metrobostonnews.com/us/news/boston/

Showing more and more why it is free. I can't find all these on the website only in the hard copy.
Page 06:
The Palinometer-
First there are face shots of Palin with cheap shots written for each photo. (No one likes an aggressive, brunette female in this country ..no one.) Nothin like avoiding having to actually debate someones policies opposed to the cost of her wardrobe.

And then we have a blogger who sinks to bitching instead of demanding a return to sanity not the society of the streamlined brat.
And yes, newsflash, Obama has some dark stuff like everyone else. Like his connection to Kenya, his birth certificate etc. Grow up kids, elections are for voting for the people who are going to give you and your country what it needs at a certain time. Not electing saints. A saint would be highly suspect.

And the reason for this post. Ned Ehrbar does not seem to like Ralph Nader.

His article reads :
"Political gossip. How about some news about something that has nothing
to do with the presidential election?
Would you like that? Sure.
Ralph Nader claims that over the weekend he set the record for the most campaign speeches given in Mass communities on Saturday. Jeebus, 255 minutes of Ralph Nader's droning voice-can you imagine?
Thank god Pres. Bush legalized torture, or Ralph could be in some serious trouble. The important thing is we've found a way to keep Ralph distracted while the rest of us get on with electing a president. And it seems to be working.
Watch out next weekend when he sees how far he can pull a bio diesel-modified 1978 Mercedes with his teeth. As long as its not in a swing state!"

Whether you vote for him or not what Nader is doing is perfectly legal and I believe he is excersing his rights and also probably illustrating that there are other choices than the two parties that are often compromised.

The blatant disregard for Nader's past as an activist and a person fighting the good fight is disgusting and outright disrespectful.
The sound of the man's voice grating on Junior must have to do with this youngsters affiliation with music as he is the Star magazine's music editor. (STAR???).
And Nader himself wrote all 255 minutes, mr. twist around so don't try to make it like someone put something in his way to "keep him busy"...sheesh.
Incidentally, this is a man who had the smear people on his ass and not only outwrangled them, but sued them for wiretapping and surveillance of him. He's an old pro at the Diversion & Distraction department so don't get too excited, kiddo.

And no one appreciates the comment on Bush legalizing torture more than an overt victim or it's covert victims either.

This is the typical make a name for yourself by pulling someone else down crap that is so prevalent now. It is anti intellectualism at its worst for it pretends to be witty and thought out. Its a drive by brat attack and that's it.

Right now ladies and gentlemen I, Gen X, would like to apologize for the 1990's. Here as I stand I swear that our youthful spoofing and brattiness, as simply a backlash towards our hippie parents turned Yuppies and the culture of political correctness, based on the Surrealism of Fire Sign theater and MST 3000..our tendency to take a scalpel to everything and dissect it and criticize it....I swear we did NOT mean to create a following generation of kids who only know cynicism as commendatory and live off technology. WE ARE SORRY! WE DIDN'T KNOW! WE WERE ALL TAKING H ON WEEKENDS AND LISTENING TO PEOPLE FROM SEATTLE WHO SUFFERED FROM SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER! WE WERE ONLY TRYING TO SHUT UP OUR PARENTS ONCE AND FOR ALL AND REBEL IN A WAY THEY DID NOT...but eventually we wanted the extension of their dream. When Kurt makes fun of "Smile on yer brother" on Nevermind yes, we all enjoyed it. But we also cannot help but be products of it as well. The blatantly going after people based on cosmetic disadvantages, the lack of respect for personal freedom..its an extension of Beavis and Butthead and we are truly sorry.

What is most disturbing is the intimation that he speaks for 'the group'. That the rest of 'us' will be getting on with electing a prez from the popular parties. Is this kids next piece going to be messing with the Libertarian candidate?
Its a global world where the yuppie brat rules. Where the group is most important and the collective yet isolated experience of individuals thru technologies with others defines their 'world'.

I appreciate you Mr. Nader. I am not sure of cadidate choice yet, but you are a shining example of an individual doing what you feel is right for the good of all...not hiding behind the group for quick approval. And exercising your rights when it seems foolish to others.

And I support this kid in his writing. People in the arts cant be all bad. His right to free speech is fully supported by me and I am not insulting him personally or any other cheap shit..or telling him to stand down becuz I dislike his article. In other countries, to this day, one cannot say what one wants in a newspaper. I mean it applies to the US but not overtly. We have the Internet and alternative news anyway.

The dumbing down of America, the loss of civility. Someone said to me yesterday "America is being humbled". It was the most disturbing thing I've heard yet. She pointed out the Harry Potter fascination at Harvard University and how many people live here who aren't from here...who don't understand Here. I don't like to think that she is correct. But it seems that way. And the easiest way to get yours now is to join that effort to destroy anything that seems... authentic.

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  1. "(No one likes an aggressive, brunette female in this country ..no one.)"

    Theres probably a number of wealthy dominatrixes that would disagree with you ;)

    Seriously though, I know what you mean. My issue with Palin is she just doesnt seem too bright, and she is too conservative and 'red state'. The idea of her ending up as the President somehow is frightening. And McCain looks like he could keel over at any moment.
    All this presidential election crap, really means nothing to TI's and our situation anyways.