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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Case similar in India

What is great about this article is that it illustrates just what transpires in a harassment campaign especially for a female victim.
And it does so overtly. No one wants to accept or believe, or at least admit to the fact that TI's go before already compromised boards, court rooms etc. This piece illustrates the way it works...according to every TI especially women this is how they are treated.
This is most similar to my case where I am being hounded constantly by men all the time as perps and alot of it is sexual harassment.

"Bhatia was formerly married to an officer who worked with the Indian Administrative Service. Their marriage broke down after he physically assaulted her.
But Bhatia's real problems began after her divorce. In India, divorced women are often targets for sexual harassment by men who prey upon them in the workplace because they are seen as vulnerable."

A vulnerable female...that would be what alot of TI's claim are common targets. Probably if they think she was married to an abuser that she would take crap moreso from abusive men as well.

This goes beyond insensitivity to gender issues. That's like saying that war against a country is the result of insensitivity to cultural issues. WAR IS JUST THAT; war. These are clearly acts of aggression and this is worse than mere workplace mobbing. This is attempted slavery of a female and alot of TI's complain about the same attempts on them. This is what happens to alot of us, tactic for tactic..move for move. This is how a group of men covertly act out aggressions towards a singled out female. For the purposes of conquest...plain and simple. What other motives are behind the campaign for conquest are unimportant.
But name it as it is..dont use her being a female in a male dominated profession as the reason this is happening and that her bosses insensitivity to gender issues is the reason.
It would be like claiming the reason we went to war in Iraq was becuz someone dropped the ball in the diplomacy department. NO, it was an act of war, plain and simple. Geez, get a pair boys.

And they use the SAME attempted labeling process. "causing problems" and "mentally unstable".
This is an modus operandi that is commonly used to get rid of someone. And it is not just in India. It is in the USA and alot of Targets, especially female, endures the same treatment.

She at least has recourse in that she knows who is behind it and there is proof of her making complaints.
Alot of the targeted USA population don't even get that far. We go to file complaints about a number of peoples unprofessional behavior and get the treatment of administration being part of it or not being able to file a complaint at all.

They had her isolated.
That is one of the most important ways perps win this game. If they can keep thier Target within the system of oppression, only in contact with their people or people who will co operate then the target feels like a way out is impossible.

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