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Sunday, October 26, 2008

the millionaires club/org stalk- clues

( let me tell u a trick I have learned about viewing written word. The illusion provided by all these graphics on the web really screws with the written word. If you want to get real' while writing use your HTML tab to write your blog and while reading off internet try to acquire a cheap phone like mine where the Internet sucks and it shows u websites in a text only mode and is snail slow. The perceptions of what you are reading are much more realistic. I find that writing and thought process while writing varies depending on medium, like visual arts...painting differs from drawing, etc.Well, when I write on the PC it is a different flow of consciousness than paper tablet writing or texting on the cheap phone. Which differs from recording video or audio journals. So viewing differs as well. I always find things I would not have by doing research on the cheap phone Internet. )
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This is a good thread. Whosarat.

There are people on there that always advocate that GS is legit and does exist. Once more they are people aware of criminal activity not conspiracy theorists. I have had my best leads from GS perps who were career criminals who felt badly becuz of the honor among thieves thing..and innocence thing. Like the fact I am so obviously not a career criminal and had no idea what was going on most of the time. And that it was underhanded what was/is being done to me. Like they knew I was hardly equipped to defend myself. Alot of them thought it was unfair and you could tell.

There have been a few places on web I have seen the millionaires club posted as a theory connected to gang stalking. At least this one lets you know the original story then makes possible connections.

The guy drugging women with GHB is the Max Factor heir who bounty hunter Wayne Chapman captured in Mexico ("Dog" The bounty hunter). Set aside whatever you think about the TV show, this was for real.
Notice how his career got messed up after that? I don't mean the overt legal stuff concerning the fact Chapman was not supposed to go to Mexico to capture this guy,
I mean the 'N' word used in a private phone conversation by Chapman that got put out into the public recently. So Chapman saves countless women from further harm and captures a predator of women and his whole existence is defined by one slip of a derogatory word?
Welcome to Smear. (Possibly).
I mean I just think the timing is strange.
I dont know the whole history of his career or his group to say what really happened with that.

Anyway, this theory using a possible nano tech Pimp/Rapist club is a great connect the dots but let me add to it...
From the article linked above:
"All that a perpetrator has to do is convince the community that a certain person is a pedophile or drug user or gang member and there is a grant program to help destroy this person’s life.
(This I don't know about, have never heard of. What grant they speak of? No documentation furnished).
One of the major obstacles I have found in the past 10 years, as I have tried to help these people, is the fact that many victims are chosen because they already have a bad reputation. Gangs that are grooming victims into this new kind of sex industry prey on drug addicts, mentally ill, ex cons, astrologers, nudists, pagans, homosexuals, and others that live on the ‘fringes’ of what is considered socially acceptable. Choosing to victimize these ‘fringe’people almost assures the victimizer’s success. At the onset, no one takes them seriously or accepts them as honest and reliable people. Therefore, they are much easier to target. Other people that make easy targets are those who may not be mentally ill, per se, but have serious personality defects and are already hated by everyone they know. Such people may be extremely selfish, obsessive in some way, or never shut up until you want to cram your shoe in his or her mouth. They may be impossible when they are conscious, but unconscious, they are very valuable to the pimp of this kind of prostitution.
Unfortunately, their children are being raped right now and law enforcement isn’t doing one thing to stop it. ( Are we talking about the women or their children?)
These links were sent to me by a victim named John Finch. He and many others are trying to get some kind of government attention to help them. "

When I read this I was somewhat offended and suspect. Really annoyed.
How can anyone speak of any victim that way? It sucks. Its mean and insulting.
And whoever wrote this who is so unfeeling towards victims who thinks they are clever trying to make fun under the radar is now responsible for helping to connect the dots. Hope yer just a bitchy TI hunny, and not a perp cuz you screwed your self w/ this one.

First of all if someone is a trauma victim they are going to be difficult. Singling out that a
strologers would be targeted is a most interesting choice.
And how do you know who the victims are anyway? (!).

All that aside lets clean this MESS up first.

If someone is fringe, yes, it takes from thier credibility, (
a word this person could have used in thier rant instead of calling homosexuals "fringe people").
There is some sense to this, from the criminal perspective some of the mentioned people are easy targets to victimize in theory.

But there are alot of people not described as 'fringe people' who get targeted. The only place I have seen people who are targeted get singled out for being fringe is from other TI's who are so desperate to make thier movement look legit, that they want only the sort of people society would see as credible.These groups deal more w/technologies and org stalk. I notice they know little about tbmc and programming, which would include alot more creative, highly intel types...and people with psych and trauma issues. An eccentric person may have a brilliant mind that was compartmentalized all thier lives and supressed that is so active that it never learned control. Sadly this leaves alot of suffering mind control victims right out in the cold..alot of tbmc survivors are trying to deprogram as well as be harassed and stalked on the outside. To tbmc survivors these complex mental gymnastics are not big deal...but an overload to the system like this sort of demand will cause them to be unstable. And the survivor's internal chess player will sit calmly and take all the abuse and still try to 'play' no matter what is put before them. Other TI's should be appreciating that kind of strength like hell, not being mean to survivors or excluding them.
That is what gs is supposed to do to programmed TI's. Sensory overload. To burn and destroy the person plain and simple.

But what this person is missing is the back connections to what is really going on.

There is human experimentation that went on long before this group of renegades from wherever (Defense Dept? Please furnish proof, or at least reprint here say)
as well as wealthy bachelors took advantage of high position and new tech.

Mind controlled slaves-trauma based mind control and programming.

Its not just the few survivors who write books, who if you notice, all had the money or connections to survive. There are survivors of programming at all levels of society. If someone is an 'expendable' then they are low level-not less attractive or intelligent but something about them is not as important to them remianing active in the system. Their family background or whatever.

Those reasons are not important now. What is is that you realize that alot of people who are deemed 'expendable' level mind control slaves could be being recycled and put up for sale or at least for grabs by these other groups of criminals. It would make sense. They are already programmed with sex slave programming, they might even be implanted and if the programming or implants are failing then as the article reads-new ones, the new undetectable ones could be added to the body. All you'd have to do is erase memories (brain damage, dumb down, via chemical exposures and/ or the mc technologies) and make sure that suicide programming is gone so they can be used without self destructing. This could be why people who know they are survivors are being broken down it seems, dumbed down, retrained via gang stalking methods of behavior modification. To retrain the person to be a sex slave without trigger words or programming.

This would make sense to greedy stupid criminals. They figure the person has been able to be accessed all their lives via programming-trigger words and hypnosis, why not put them in the same situation?
This would explain why expendables are not suiciding. And it would explain why the reprogramming seems like it is being done by people who dont care, have no healing energy and are out to get results and have no care for the slaves sanity or health. Why there seems to be an element out there that can access us via tech, wishes to poke around in order to find out all they can about the original programming-but seem to have little understanding of it. This would also explain gang interest in me and other survivors of tbmc.

They seem to be very interested in testing intel and seeing what we are about. If they were the original programmers, they would already know. To my internal programming they seem very stupid at they dont know my abilities and are shocked I could 'see' them or sense I was being mind gamed then observed. SOMEONE OTHER THAN OUR ORIGINAL PROGRAMMERS IS VERY INTERESTED IN MIND CONTROLLED SLAVES. The reading I have always gotten on these people is that they are very dangerous to the balance of power and should not be allowed to gain any real power. They are novices and not to be tolerated.

I also now understand why we are given suicide programming that gently and painlessly gives us the commands to suicide. To protect us from greedy, evil people who would experiment on us, exploit us and tear us down to gain our secrets.

I can see this happening too. On the internet there is a thread:this woman
's boyfriend tried to mind control her by using info posted about Monarch originally for survivors and therapists. She was afraid to get help becuz she said what he did to her was in part 'bizarre' ( I bet). I wrote to her via another blog that the only way a true slave could be formed was certain blood lines and from birth by people who knew what they were doing intergenerationally.

I also cannot believe that the people who create slaves would allow fumbling players to take control of old assets. I mean it just blows my mind.

BUT..whatever is happening it serves some sort of purpose over the long term.

So if the people who are being chosen have habits like talking too
much...well guess what can cause that? Being targeted with technologies.

Also, if someone is being tortured for info by a handler who knows that they were a courier and were specifically chosen for this because their family line is communicative and verbal-if they are decompartmentalizing it may be very easy to make them 'talk' about info--in superficial compartments anyway.

Another thing is that alot of people who are trauma victims talk too much. Its called 'flooding' in the world of psychology. If they are trying to use talk as a way to reduce anxiety this also works. Women especially enjoy hearing the sounds of their own voices as a mechanism for self comfort. There is a behavior called self talk also. People believe it is a sign of mental illness but in sane individuals it is an exercises in mental health. It is self healing. It is used to reduce anxiety, and yes, eccentrics have done it through out history but also regular people do it in not so bold ways; a survey was done and found alot of people talk into their cell phones or their ear pieces when no one is there. It cures social anxiety, and for those who self talk as an anti anxiety they feel perhaps they will not be persecuted for no one will catch them doing it. Paris Hilton has allegedly done this when she is out so people wont bother her so much in public as it will appear she is busy on the phone. With the amount of cameras around her I cant say I blame her. It also prob affords her some privacy out in public becuz really she is dealing with spaces in her own mind as well as silence in the other end of the phone.

Its a creatives psychological invention to have sanity prevail and deal with overload, for her it seems it would be a tactic to handle crowds. But it would work theoretically.

This is why someone may "talk so much you want to sick a shoe in thier mouth." The poor things are flooding if its psychological and if they are targeted with remote influencing tech its probably for the same purpose as the handler- to get info out of them.
These people are not 'mentally ill'. Like the creative mind that creates multiple personalities to deal with early trauma this is that same sort of mind finding a way to deal with excess anxiety. It also has to do with mpd or disassociation and that is too complicated unless you are there yourself.

Outsiders will never get it. Its not like Sybil or some nonsense. And people don't talk to themselves becuz they are talking to their alters-perps have been trying to wrap me in a pretzel for years now to trip me up over behaviors like this. I just let them fumble. What they are showing ME is that they don't know much about programmed people (ha ha). No one has MPD thus they talk to themselves..its hysterical the shit they will try to get you put away in the beginning. They suck.

I will write more for survivors later, so you don't think you are crazy or the perps don't get you. There is a logical explanation for everything and unless someone is using word salad and is exhibiting disordered thinking then back off the mental illness accusations.

Also, people who are natural bloodline psychics, mules (out of nowhere-unforeseen as psychic person), or have implants to beef up psychic abilities might be studying astrology or other occult practices to find themselves..especially in a culture that gives them no information about what they are and how they should handle their power. I will not say gift..there are alot of bad people who are psychics. And it has never been denied officially that this country is protected by a psychic an army or group of some kind. I beleive this to be true. I believe that people who had Theta programming might not realize who they are. People from certain bloodlines are naturally going to study metaphysics..its a natural urge for these people as youngsters and now I realize that it was probably ones duty in the ancient days of the old cultures as a form of education and it is necessary to protect ones self.

It sounds like old mc slaves who are deprogramming or have eccentric habits are some of the victims. It would make sense with all the other things that are going on.

So whoever wrote this is either a perp/ a programmed person who doesn't know they are a perp by command or just ignorant of the fact that there is alot going on that goes deeper.
And I have thought more than once about how easy it would be to experiment on or attempt to reprogram/enslave people who were already hidden from society (undetectable mind control slaves) and were scheduled for deletion via suicide programming anyway. They probably figure no one will believe this sort of person most of all.

But more than anyone else to do this too would be cruel. This population has already had a life time of suffering and to re traumatize them is low low low. To bring them out of suicide programming just to re traumatize them..oh. Awful. The worst.
And the marked lack of artfulness of this new reprogramming. It does feel like someone doing surgery with no anesthesia.

And what is so great about it is that no matter what the person says, when you get to THIS level of a complicated plot- no one but insiders can follow.
You could only get the public to believe in mind control on a cult level-call it brainwashing and compare it to a POW camp and that will spoon feed it to them. They seem to 'get it' then.
Then you'd have to wait for all nano tech to reach a certain level years from now for them to absorb what the implants are about.
They pretty much get the drugging women thing.
But what I don't think they will ever understand is complicated programming. Its too much like complicated architecture and artwork. And that is what is being destroyed in order for these cads to make zombies. To take someone, such a creation and reduce them to a mere puppet with new technology being handled by a lot of greedy fools is the greatest crime of all.

So whoever wrote this bitchy part please try to understand extreme trauma victims are always going to be difficult. And the life long stalking/harassment in order to make sure we are so sad and abused that we suicide would make anyone want to escape. True mind control programming is both healing and injurious. There are places of elation and pure pain energy. But there is a balance within..somehow.

Whatever is going down now is inhumane and constantly unpleasant and needs to be stopped.

Thank you to whoever wrote this because I guess it would explain alot about what is going on with gang stalking and people being targeted. I am sure that this is part of it, but human experimentation is also a part.

Also realize that Targets lives are ruined way past slander and such. For those of us who are tbmc survivors there seems to be a population of perps or even just the public who enjoy fucking with us because of what we are. Its like they hate us because they don't get it or we scare them. Well, I am not the one who outed me to the public, these criminals did and whoever did the original programming if they are so concerned should have protected tbmc survivors alot better. To put us before public scrutiny is the absolute worst thing anyone could have done. Privacy and secrecy are the things that protect programmed people. To expose and exploit like that is death for us anyway. What the hell is wrong with you?

I will never understand the need for the exposure. Never ever as long as I have left ot live will I understand that. Its like us existing in future is some threat to someone somewhere...but yet this post above exhibits that some of us were most likely 'recycled'.

In the end it seems an effort to strip us of our secrets, expose everything and remake us in some desired image. Whatever money is made from recycling tbmc survivors, the ultimate goal is to do psychosurgery on us and hack us into dumbed down robots.
I personally aint havin it. I had a right to be brilliant and no one should have taken my natural growth and evolution from me.
BASICALLY SETS UP A LAYER OF SUICIDE PROGRAMMING TO HAVE YOU TAKE YOURSELF OUT..youuuu might be under just a liiiiitttle bit of stress and develop eccentric even annoying habits.

Why do you think its so important to get rid of old mc slaves? TBMC survivors..its not just that we would use our abilities for our own ends, or could cause a shift in the balance of power..or that if we remember faces, names and places(as well as documents, pictures and conversations) it could be embarrassing or even a security risk. NO. Most of all no one wants to admit to slavery in this day and age. A life never lived. That kind of cruelty and organized, with a system. And mostly its children..your considered ancient at 29. Yer dead basically.

In this day and age no one wants to admit to good old time slavery. I am sure people are alot less outraged when poor bitches get turned out when they're sleeping..yes, that is something that the modern day public could deal with. Its simple. It doesn't force them to think much....'oh, drop a drug in a drink or an implant in the spine. Knock 'er out-film it.' It works as a mini series on Lifetime!!! Yeah, a victimized woman's story we can relate to!'

That is going to be alot more acceotable from sex pervs and rich boys who want to preserve the imagined heirarchy (see? in perception you already deserve it and have lost. They are rich! Wattcha gonna do?) than intelligence or military people in the interest of hiding info..and getting thier shit off.

See how people will see the survivor as less important if they are just a rape?

Ahhh, another good try. But my programming still kicks your ass.
Have a nice day.

(and all to all the confused survivors out there who may be struggling. I hope this helps you. Pleast look for the mc blog as well. I cant link it to this..I dont know why. I am just not supposed to. If you really want help you'll find it. But I will try to write a peice about habits you may have that are not crazy but creative coping skills. You're fine.Its the PERPS who will DRIVE you crazy to silence you.)

I am going to picture stuffing shoes in perps mouths tomorrow just for that comment. Prob one will read this and like walk by me with a shoe or something. Its so hard to write about THIS all the time. But you know the minute that you give some personal info that they'll just use it to perp you.

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