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Monday, March 10, 2014

WIRED: Most Popular Surveillance Cameras Can Be Hacked By Kim Zetter

Most Popular Surveillance Cameras Can Be Hacked

By Kim Zetter

If the public are guided to a certain feed by sinister forces with an agenda and its passed off as just spying on the level in jrticle the public are then incorporated into a war crime such as ritual abuse, continued MK Ultra black project activities or torture of a targeted person which of course they don't see the rest of what's going on.

Obviously these systs are being hacked into by the 'gang stalking' system and used to spy on targeted persons as well as being used for behavior modification and e-harassment within a TIs campaign.
How this is done I don't understand fully beci the technical end of gang stalking isn't my specialty.

There are people who do specialize in explaining how these set ups work within the TI activist community.
Usually people with sciwell, tech or engineering backgrounds etc.

The system for behavior mod in public spaces on individuals as well as general population in an area seems to consist of cameras for observation in unison with a delivery system for electromagnetic technologies like microwave towers for example-for influencing the human mind or emotions.

I've posted that certain corporate chains have surveillance systems in their stores that produce consistent horrible effects for Targeted Individuals and sensitive people alike.

Every 'Sensitive' I know gets adversely effected by Walmart stores after a certain short duration within the false environments created in their stores.

I dont have the heart to inform them that its not just the set up but the elwctromagnetic pollution present in the environment. They only feel overwhelmed or overstimulated after a time.
A Target suffers actual harassment through these false environments set up in corporate chains or even in public spaces outside. In person stalking/harassment psych warfare from actual people is also usually part of the problem.

The cameras possibly allow the perpetrators of these domestic psychological warfare ops to track a Target then plan, execute, document the ensuing ambush on a targeted person.

Within the corporate store and restaraunt chains acrual harassment of the Target occurs without any presence of in person harassment.

The harassment itself seems to eminate from the camera security systems. Observation then targeting the victim through some capacity like microwave towers is possible.

Usually after a time actual gang stalking groups or indivuals do engage with rhe Target in such a place it seems if the TI stays in that spot longer than normal.

These camera systems arent being used for just spying by bored tech capable people. They are being used to perpetrate domestic warcrimes on targeted persons in the United States. Continued projext MK Ultra activity such as long term, brutal behavior modification programs as well as producing discreditation of targeted persons (drive crazy, document and expose to public) who are victim witnesses.

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mej313 said...

Good post--I don't know if the EM pollution is due to surveillance cameras, or hand-held portable weapons. I experience a sudden attack when stalkers approach me in stores, within a range of a few feet. They carry small bags or backpacks, so the range of attack must be similarly small to register with the size of the portable weapons. You may be experiencing people with such weapons who follow you around inside these stores.