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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments-Executive Summary/Secrecy and the Public Trust

ACHRE Report
Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments - Executive Summary

"Secrecy and the Public Trust

The greatest harm from past experiments and intentional releases may be the legacy of distrust they created. Hundreds of intentional releases took place in secret, and remained secret for decades. Important discussion of the policies to govern human experimentation also took place in secret. Information about human experiments was kept secret out of concern for embarrassment to the government, potential legal liability, and worry that public misunderstanding would jeopardize government programs.

In a few instances, people used as experimental subjects and their families were denied the opportunity to pursue redress for possible wrongdoing because of actions taken by the government to keep the truth from them. Where programs were legitimately kept secret for national security reasons, the government often did not create or maintain adequate records, thereby preventing the public, and those most at risk, from learning the facts in a timely and complete fashion."

"Current Regulations on Secrecy in Human Research and Environmental Releases

Human research can still be conducted in secret today, and under some conditions informed consent in secret research can be waived.

Events that raise the same concerns as the intentional releases in the Committee's charter could take place in secret today under current environmental laws."

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Anonymous said...

off topic. but as you probably know already there is laws protecting disidents and people in general from being involuntary commited to mental treatment. some states are changing,or have already made requirements much more easy to do this. there is a list of states posted on i believe wikipedia. some jurisdictions anyone can suggest someone to this by submitting a letter to the state. every travelling target should know this.