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Friday, March 28, 2014

Why Do Policemen and Or Military Give Off Info Streams?

Why when policemen come into an area I am in and sit for a fair amount of time am I able to psychically tap into or read some sort of intelligence feed on me coming from somewhere (seemingly the security camera systems in McDonald's but perhaps from elsewhere)
info consisting of who I am (to the nest of whoever or whatever's knowledge-its all pretty basic), who I associate with such as close or frequently seen with associations and a general run down of the situation I'm in but its not accurate.

The knowledge is based on superficiality. Like whoever it is doesn't know everything about my situation or me.

Is it coming from the cops, their equipment, the surveillance cameras hooked into a larger security system or even more frightening-the police man's mind.
Perhaps some system reading his mind, scanning for whatever Intel they have.

It happens all the time and its creepy as hell.

What do they chip cops or something without their knowledge?

These guys did say on the phone "..see you back at base". They looked like they worked for police dept but weren't cops. Some other kind of employees.

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