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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN)/Wal-Mart.. products embedded with RFID tracking chips.

Chip Shot:
Wal-Mart is (was) trying out products embedded with RFID tracking chips. (2003)

Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN)

There are a few things about this post I want to focus on for readers.

Firstly is that
-whatever technology that is claimed officially to exist in media for public consumption means that on classified levels its been around a lot longer than is being claimed officially
-by the time such levels of tech are officially revealed to the public one can safely always assume that at classified levels, the tech is now far ahead of whats being revealed publicly.
 This means that the tech being used is potentially capable of so much more than the public is being told about. If this is not the case then why is secrecy and sneakiness a hallmark of the system today in utilizing supposedly harmless technologist? The public senses the potential for abuse of power with such ways and  means by those in power.  This is the real motivation for the public wanting thier privacy.  People sense that there is something wrong with being sneaky and having an obvious advantage over the public using such tech.

I being a Targeted Individuals as well as a Survivor of RA, high level programming and a human experimentee (MK Ultra its assumed as my mother is a documented radiation experimentee from the 1950's both parents US Marines) am extremely perceptive and sensitive to the effects of the tech that's used on classified levels. What makes me believe it myself when I am in doubt perhaps about  my own perceptions being valid is that many other TIs have the exact same experiences as well as all of these experiences are totally feasible given the potential for advanced technology as well as the track record of the private sector, rogue government agencies, military, academic institutions for their involvement in highly unethical human experimentation as well as war crimes related to these. 

Targets experience the ability of the system out in public spaces to be able to keep track of a TIs bank account or financial monitoring. This info is then utilized to choose what further actions are to be taken  against the Target in ongoing 'gang stalking' campaigns which are for many experimentees simply long term behavior modification programs. (Punishment for accounts going to zero, so the TI will eventually seek reward instead by becoming employed or focusing more on gaining financial security and social acceptance instead of activism or healing from abuses which of course is not the best choice for many Targets due to our situations as well as may be impossible due to the emotional, mental and physical damages from being targeted for so many years.  One of the hallmarks of these programs to build the super soldier is to force the experimentee to move forward past being damaged even if there is no genuine healing thus the true Self is completely disregarded as well as these processes the person is put through equates psycho surgery.)

However in certain large corporate chain stores TIs experience there is a monitoring system that is able to tell how much money a customer has in order to purchase goods in that store. The experiences range from actual reading of the frontal lobe or our conscous mind just like the tech experienced by many of us at sensitive border crossings during the war years under Bush, right after 9-11, places like Nevada etc. A vehicle would go through a structure at the border and a sort of quick, extraction of sensitive information was performed, a lightening fast interrogation if you will, such as 'what is your real or actual purpose here (in this area or state)?' and/or 'what are you hiding/what is your greatest crime/most guilty about?'. These were most likely actual anti terror measures taken after 9-11. In my experience most likely, on classified levels, operatives were working on terrorists that were programmed with mind control much like mind controlled slaves are programmed as this might be what caused 9-11 in the first place. In many experiences it felt like these operations were either covers for further experimentation of MK Ultra experimentees like me and the operatives were being lied to about our true status and people like me were put on a classified terrorist list as suspects, the higher ups KNOWING that we were harmless but using these legit operations to 'clean house' as it were, for left over Ritual Abuse and high level programming Survivors so no more victim witnesses could give testimony ever again. Perhaps this is only what we were led to think and its more deception and the operatives knew exactly what they were doing.

I don't know if EVERYONE was scanned as I was through these technoloigers at sensitive border crossings etc or if it was only people on a terrorist suspect list. What I DO KNOW or highly suspect is that THE TECHNOLOGIES THAT WERE USED ON CLASSIFIED LEVELS FOR ADVANCED AND SOPHISTICATED ANTI TERROR OPERATIONS TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ARE NOW BEING USED BY LARGE CORPORATIONS TO CONTROL CONSUMERS.

This is the problem with the cross overs between the military industrial complex and government to the private sector. So many of these people in the know go off and work for or create their own security companies taking their knowledge with them. It seems they are then able to implement technologies used in the military etc on the public through the private sector. THIS SHOULD BE BY LAW CLASSIFED AS NO LESS THAN DOMESTIC WAR CRIMES.

Knowing how much someone has in their wallet to pay for purchases and harassing customers is not part of anti terror. Unless of course somehow through advanced legal maneuvers, anything involving the national interest or protecting the US economy or the like is now under the heading of anti terror etc. This could be why legally they can get away with this.

However its obvious that if the public knew about it they wouldn't want their society structured this way so the powers that be need to keep this from the public.

Also its uncanny how the TI is identified so quickly when entering into a corporate store location. This might be due to the network of spies or other efforts

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