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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dangers Of Target's Identity On Store Bought Clothing, Gear and Accessories/My Experience With Solutions

Backpack from Eastern Mountain Sports here in Harvard Sq seems to be responsible for making me depressed, miserable overeating, even self injuring and with co stent idestik s to leave town even the country.

I've noticed over the years that backpacks from Osprey can cause me as a TI to seem much more effected by whatever is out here.
I have never figured out if that's due to the item being chipped (for supposed purposes of tracking the purchasing habits of the consumer or to track the items whereabouts throughout its lifespan.

Hacked into or used covertly by the company or its affiliates or authorities or intelligence agencies or the military etc etc, this could be used to Target a person somehow.

Another theory is the metal frame in the pack makes electromagnetic/microwave/radio wave pollution worse.

It was fine when it was my friends pack that his female friend bought for him. Under her name as purchaser the pack was ok for me to where.

I went into EMS and someone exchanged it for me for a smaller one as Im using my friends pack while he's in jail due to it being lighter.

They exchanged it w out recipet but I had to show ID so now its under my name.
Ever since I did that I've been miserable.

I also notice the Carhartt overalls I wear everyday (which have been great for winter weather) have a similar effect I notice all influence seems gone once I put on these jeans I got from a giveaway so second hand and no identifying me as the person purchasing or wearing/using the item.

I suspected this long ago but found it difficult to live by not using my debit card for purchases or even being seen on camera as the purchaser when using cash.
I now realize this is the only way to prevent this from happening.

My suggestion to all Targeted Individuals is to wear second hand clothes and gear. If something new is required then purchase it with cash and if possible have someone else buy it in the store. Possibly having a credit or debit purchase by a person who is in good standing with the system would also do. I've experienced a cell phone belonging to an Asain MIT student having positive, beneficial energy eminating from it. I posted this years ago as I found a lost phone and went to return it.

Purchasing an anon cell phone usually entails everything connected to it like monthly minutes be anonymous also. This usually doesn't work as the TIs number is picked up eventually by the system from calling people they know u associate with regularly or in medical records pharmacy etc etc.

Second hand older items are best for avoiding being targeted by what seems to be some sort of tracking the TI through the product purchased by the TI in some electronic paper trail way.

Also I've found purchases made far away in other states don't have the same power to track and target as purchases made by me here in MA. I don't know if that is a steadfast rule of distance and state lines or more so that MA is so horrid with this due to it being my home state and the worst for gs or if its that Commonwealth of MA is simply especially horrible for being targeted.

So second hand items, long distance purchases bought on location, purchase made by others who are in good standing with paper trail or in cash.

If none of the above at least use only cash and don't give information for warranties, coverage plans etc.

After a time all things wear especially with travel but packs and clothing of significance seem to carry their effects for a long time and through state lines.


Anonymous said...

Once again, getting resistance in applying for a Ph. D program dealing with radio frequency circuit design. Basically, this second professor is giving me the discouragement speech much like the first one. That I should reconsider pursuing a Ph. D. And he said I didn't have the expertise for radio frequency circuit design.. I just thought "What?!!" Seriously? My course history clearly shows that this is something I should be able to do.

RF circuit design must be one of this "fringe areas" that the powers are afraid of. I feel they are afraid that I might be able to detect what they are doing with their mind control electronics/toys. And it's interesting that there seems to be the deliberate stonewalling effort among professors.

One professor was kind enough to write me a letter of recommendation, despite the obvious efforts to hinder me. I really would like to thank this man. He has been retired for some time. I always could tell he was a geniunely good man. The other professors are obviously scared that they might lose their jobs or get targeted. Or is he doing this because he is retired and already receiving a very nice pension?

I saw on one episode of Walking Dead that a guy who looks a lot like the retired prof who helped me gets killed. I guess it's a way for the system to scare me into thinking that something will happen to him for helping me when the others are going along with massive efforts to roadblock me and stonewall me.

My research would deal with radio receivers in the microwave range. I can see how that would be a huge threat, should I figure out a way of detecting what they are measuring or how they are transmitting their brainwashing content.

I really am going to push through, because I feel it is the right thing to do. I am not a quitter, and will keep persisting until I get in there. Sorry that I am a threat to them. The sheep can keep on sheepin', because some of us are good kind people and won't back down when presented with threats and harassment.

mej313 said...

The last message was fraught with hacking and interruption--every word, every sentence disrupted and altered after I sent the message (I always copy and mail myself a copy of what I type to you). So it's hard to understand because they delete words and put in wrong words so sentences don't make any sense. I can't write coherently while sitting here. I am as usual sick, so can't do more than sit here with electronic torture and harassment from neighbors. But that's why my last message sounded so chaotic. I am a very good typist, I am a decent enough writer, I can actually write well and use flowing clear and creative language when not endlessly interrupted and bombarded with my brain and body zapped.