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Sunday, March 16, 2014

TRANSHUMANISM- Its What They ARENT Telling You That You Need To Worry About (The Elite's Use of MK Ultra And Mind Control Slavery)

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Mormon Transhumanist Society

Uh isnt this the dangerous cult of LDS that so many mind control/ritual abuse Survivors that are Targeted Individuals warn the public and other Survivors about?? Wasnt Romney's dad into mind control as part of ruling society? In Survivor Cathy Obrien's experience Romney's dad was heavily into this idea and from my experience, Mitt Romney and his family are involved in gang stalking and all the mind control that comes with it, connected to MK Ultra.

Ive been stranded out in Mormon country in Utah. Its way too close to military bases out in the American southwest, where so much experimentation goes on connected to Mk Ultra and other horrors (like MILABs). There was something very wrong with the town of Grantsville. I was run out of there by being hit hard, again it seemed to be through the security camera systems but not just that. I had the experience of seemingly being able to sense, like a vampire senses life through buildings- of being able to sense each and every presence in houses I passed in Grantsville. THROUGH THE WALLS of the structures. Whoever or whatever they were- they did NOT want me there.

There is and in my experiences as a traveling targeted Survivor of mind control and ritual abuse connected to MK Ultra- something very wrong with Scientology and Mormonism. They both seem closely aligned with the military as well as technology centers connected to the military industrial complex like San Diego, Seattle etc. Places where the gang stalking is very heavy and seems to involved alot of psychic activity.

If it is such a great idea and so positive then why isnt the public being told about the human and civil rights abuses taking place in relation to the technologies and people behind it, mostly technocrats (really technomancers) from the military industrial complex contractors, intelligence agencies etc. The elite.

If its so great and so innocent then why are these same people utilizing the mass mind control system in society right now as we speak, that was outlined by a paper written by the military in the 1980s titled MINDWAR, written by a right wing conservative general (ret) and military psychological operations officer(ret)Michael Aquino?
Michael Aquino was co founder of the Church of Satan with LaVey and branched off to form the Temple of Set, which is now headed by an African American female high priestess since Aquino retired from being high priest.

As a Survivor of SRA, high level programming as well as other kinds of belief systems and methods within high level programming and second generation MK Ultra experimentee I fully accept Satanists position here in earth as a part of the balance of this planet. Wise people would do well to accept the reality of such belief systems and people, decide for themselves and defend them and theirs accordingly. DECEPTION is a main component of humans gaining dominance over other humans. EVERYTHING HUMANS DO RESEMBLES ANIMAL BEHAVIOR.

This is no different. Camouflaging yourself so that you can better attack, kill or steal resources or destroy a rival tribe or simply dominate and enslave is what humans have been doing forever.

Until everyone and anyone involved in this admits to the use of mass mind control, targeting and torturing individuals, continued unethical human experimentation, ritualistic black magick (enhanced by advances in science) and other horrors of the use of technology by humans to gain deadly advantage over other humans-transhumanism or any other sort of utilization of advances in science to interfere with humanity's natural evolution or processes is based in deception and should be viewed with suspicion.

If its so great, so wonderful for humanity then why are the people and tech involved that are obviously still and have been connected to or rooted in black projects like MK Ultra and the people behind such projects (intel agencies and military etc) not being revealed to the public?

If you wish to view this rationally just look at the human track record in a history book for slavery, deception, war, greed, self aggrandizement, atrocities etc. Humanity hasnt cleared up those tendencies yet nor even the most recent actions by humans in power even as recently as the last president or even this one, concerning say drone strikes killing civilians.

Humanity is in no way advanced enough to pull off something like this. Humans no matter how elite or rich they are, how powerful or how advanced they seem are still incapable of not giving into thier urges or wired in tendencies for ape like aggressions, used to be the dominate species on earth and survive.

Why would you trust a species of animal like a human that just recently is using drones to kill thier enemies and being so indiscriminate as to count innocent women, children and civilian generally as part of the cost of getting ones' enemies or- the ape like urge to get what one wants or destroy one's rival? THAT is who you are going to trust to create perfect humans in robot form? That tells me that if you are not thinking about other people to begin with in supposedly acting in self defense (roll eyes) in getting to your alleged enemies, then you wont be thinking about anyone but yourselves when you are seeking immortality. REMEMBER THAT ABOUT THE ELITE.

All of this is the delusional dream of a bunch of genetically enhanced apes on earth who know damn well or sense that they've polluted thier planet past the point of no return so they are reaching for answers in desperation. And if you are that advanced why would you need to create a belief system THAT SAVES YOU FROM DEATH? If you were truly a god why would you fear death?

I and other Targeted Individuals and Survivors of horrible human rights atrocities in the form of black projects, classified experimentation and ritual abuse connected to them have experienced the full effect of how negative, anti life and outright evil this system is capable of. Those atrocities and the continued war crime(s) of utilizing mass mind control on the public daily in the United States of America, it seems as was implemented during Bush, post 9-11 and during the war years in Iraq.

If these same people have to utilize mass mind control to create the perfect consumer culture or desired political/social beliefs among the masses or even manage people's work schedules and habits as a nation and they are not telling the public about doing so as well as the atrocities that have gone on in connection with such a system-why would you trust them trying to market to you a perfect future from technologies or advances in science?

As part of the horrors of the post 9-11 gang stalking campaign I've experienced and as the daughter of a documented (US military) radiation experimentee 1950s,(which means second generation MK Ultra) I was forced to go through one of the worst experiences of my life and that includes having to fight three major layers of suicide programming as a Survivor of high level programming: early in the gang stalking campaign during Bush I was subjected to experiencing my consciousness being forcibly ripped from me and squeezed into what appeared to be virtual realty glasses. This was during what TI's refer to as a false dream or an intrusive dream where the victim/experimentee can tell its an outside party 'hacking' into or interfering or entering into the human mind of the victim. This happened alot during Bush's administration when many TIs report very heavy activity of what seemed like human experimentation and of course 'gang stalking'.
These intrusive dreams in many of us also included interrogations but it was always laughingly obvious that is was some schmucks somewhere in a lab or something playing with costumes (virtually) or cloaking who they really were in an attempt to either get info from the Target(s) or to act as a psych warfare component as to deceive the TIs into believing they were the subjects of suspicion from authorities.
Simulating Stargate type classified projects.

If the powers that be know damn well who the Survivors are they are targeting why would they need to interrogate such a person in relation to international spying etc?

This activity also included, for those of us who were high level programmed- forced deprogramming, removal of programming sequences from our internal programming structures or 'inner worlds'- that were done brutally, mercilessly and without any anesthetic if you will- akin to abortions without any sort of the theatrics that are used in original programming to at least keep the subject at ease with whats being put into our minds as children.
I was sent an email by someone informing me that the MILAB I experienced on a bus in the southwestern desert was part of continued MK Ultra experimentation to see how programming breaks down in humans with high level programming.

Many of us are chipped with whats now outdated microchips. Some have had them removed others just have medical evidence they exist.

Obviously to anyone with any intelligence at all these are experiments that are connected to programming computers and humans for the future. Except its not innocent, positive, great for humanity etc. Most of what Survivors experience and have given testimony to is torture and slavery. Every kind of abuse imaginable is utilized to get results from victims.

If these same people have no respect for human life or for people's sanity or souls then why would you trust thier visions of the future for you or anyone else much less humanity generally?

Look at all the lone shootings. They will stop at nothing and kill anyone to get thier own way. Animals.

Its what they aren't telling you about the people and corporations behind Transhumanism that's the problem.
This is presented to the public by the very same people that have had no problem with slavery of actual human beings through programming, trauma based mind control(via ritual abuse, psychology, hypnosis, druggings)and microchipping (early versions of tech used in humans) as well as the use of advanced classified technologies/chemical influences (utilized by the military/CIA respectively) to control or destroy such slaves once they are no longer controllable through internal programming.
I suspect that is your future.

These people have and are breaking international laws by thier actions. Which means that its probably not a good idea for humanity to begin with becuz international humans rights laws were created to protect humanity in the first place. Once we start ignoring human rights abuses (as gang stalking is being ignored or new human rights laws banning the use of technologies are being ignored or not enforced) we then stop respecting HUMAN RIGHTS and HUMAN LIFE all together.

Transhumanism is based off of the human slavery techniques of the elite and thier complexes that have been hidden from the public. Thus Transhumanism is an abuse of humans and their rights.

Modern technology is not being represented truthfully or accurately. The potential abuses, ethical issues etc are not being looked at due to the fact that the elite now exist in the 21st century and the common people are kept in the 20th thus there is no oversight by and for the people as well as no obligation from private companies to do so.

If you dont see whats really going on you should. Its a total deception. Its almost as if no evolution of man has occurred at all. We are slipping back into an age of ignorance, physical and mental sickness, constant war and violence, slavery, barbaric actions and existence. Man hasnt changed at all. When humans have the guts to face thier own faults truthfully then there can be an evolution.

All the human rights issues now seem to be focusing on racial issues, which of course are part of the NWO's attempts to break down nations and ethnic cultures to create stateless, borderless populations so that thier plans for transhumanism slavery can be easily completed. If that is not the case then why are the world wide very legit, valid and totally feasible complaints of 'gang stalking' and continued atrocities not being paid attention to as the most important human rights issues of the 21st century?

Becuz that would actually be going against the elite's agenda for the future. That has become whats important to them as well as to the public. Actual human rights are passe somehow. The elite's plans for humanity at any cost to the humans that are sacrificed for it seems to be whats most important to people.

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