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Friday, March 28, 2014

The POW Who Blinked 'Torture' In Morse Code During TV Interview Dies

Touched by this. Every Targeted Individual should be.

Reminds me that this is real. Its really happening.

I don't care what party he belonged to. That doesn't even matter.

How many of us know the pain of what we go through for years that is caused from having to hide what's actually going on?

Society forcing us to put on fronts and happy faces to hide or divert attention from our situations?

What's happening to us is inhuman and technically illegal by international laws. Yet the attitudes and responses of the public ranges from pure evil and animalistic to justified.

Its unbelievable.

We are stuck, being told to lie, just like they were, everyday.

We write, do activism and tell people but no one listens or believes or appears to care.

All he had to do was blink.

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