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Friday, March 14, 2014

Things Are Changing Here In The Boston Area-Might Be Cause Of Urgency To Leave-(Including The 'Google Is Skynet' Scenerio)

1- New mayor of Boston
Long time mayor of Boston, Menino leaving being replaced by Walsh who I know little about but the area didnt get any better when he came in- things just seemed to get...sneakier. Like he suggesting that the new all night MBTA service would be good for the homeless to take advantage of. Uh, as a Targeted Individual I get nothing but harassment from perps on those trains and buses.

Great. More work for the covert intel services people is all he is saying or black ops security or whatever they are. That is THE WORST idea I have ever heard of. MANAGE HOMELESSNESS bettter, stop allowing human and civil rights abuses from places like Pine Street and every other ghetto themed shelter and stop marketing the phrase 'Ending Homelessness'. ITS ILLEGAL or it should be.

I notice that with so much tech, chemical influences and gang stalking in cities there is no way for the homeless to even begin to organize, get lawyers to make it clear that its illegal to tell us we have to go inside or to even prevent us from having representation from within our populations. IF YOU NOTICE, WITHIN ALL OF WHATS GOING ON, MANY TARGETED ACTIVSTS ARE HOMELESS AND MANY HOMELESS ARE JUST PLAIN TARGETED and this population is still being kept down probably moreso now than ever with the system becoming full blast if you will in public spaces and all the anti homeless laws, no hitchhiking laws in past few years.
At least with Menino's abuses of power or connections to those who abuse power, you knew you were getting something familiar to you in the history books probably from Italy. Its something we are used to here in the northeast. But with that comes a sort of weird sense of the poor and underpriveledged being part of the family of the much as you might do to hurt them as individuals or a group alike.

I dont sense that anymore. I sense very much the new way of doing things from this new mayor. And that suggestion says it all.

2-Making MBTA service all night long.
There is just something creepy about doing this in Boston. Its been at least 30 years since Boston or any other surrounding area was hip enough or private and towny enough to be open 24 hours. Its become much more of a boring bedroom type community compared to what is was years ago believe it or not. There used to be many 24 hour diners and weird little places. Dunkin Donuts used to be open 24 hours in the 1980s. The conservativism that has taken over the area does not lend itself to places being open 24 hours..not for common people anyway. One must question why this was never done before and why it may have been a good idea for the city. Ive learned one thing from being a citizen of MA and a city as old and unique as Cambridge and Boston- there is wisdom behind certain decisions that dont seem to make sense by city fathers or elders but that are in the populations best interest.
Something about this just isnt right and the timing goes along with too many other changes in the area.

3-GOOGLE buys Boston Dynamics
 makers of some very creepy robots ones that should raise questions and concerns among humanity much less locals. One must consider the CIA's relationship to Google, as well as the CIA's cozy relations with Red Sox Nation and the Fenway, as well as consider the presence of elite money, power and access among the population here. MIT is basically a military industrial complex university and Harvard has its own evil its hooked into. Both schools were involved in MK Ultra, as well as MGH and other local instututions. Raytheon out in Waltham on rt 128, and those connections as well.
Its just the kind of shift in the balance of power to make this area's potential for being lethal become painfully obvious.
This aquisition is also the basis for the meme 'Google is Skynet' (the company that created the Terminator robots in the Terminator movies).

4-New Cambridge, MA city manager
Though this shouldnt make a big difference in the world at large I certainly sense that the new city manager being a city worker from the water dept might bring with him some feelings of ill will towards me as a gang stalking target. The old city manager served since 1981. This would be someone considered old school. Alot of the changes going on right now in the area seem to be in order to get rid of whatever remains of the old Boston and MA in order to fully bring in the NWO.
Nigrified ghetto prison culture for the underclasses and everyone else gets to become a YUPpie to survive and avoid such a fate. Regular guys and city workers can survive in this highly unionized region of the country as respected, holding power in society and making enough to hold thier own. Everyone else can go drop dead it seems.
Homeless people are now driven out of Harvard Sq completely as of this year...the year Cambridge has new city manager.

5-New Govenor of MA
Duval Patrick is leaving soon. Though I cant say I like this cohort of Obama or trust him at all at least I was familiar with what I was getting and at least, believe it or not, he is better than Romney who is a main route of my and alot of other Target's problems who were really bombarded and hunted during Bush when there was that  gang of Republicans in power positions like Romney, Bush and co, McCain, Giuliani and horrid conservatives on the boards at BU and Harvard (which also made my campaign go much more towards murderous and torture than it ever had before I WAS TOLD by locals).

Also there are changes in Congress and Senate but I am too messed up from being targeted to even know what or who they are. Saw something about it no news. 

There is something especially creepy and worrisome about the Google aquisition, Boston Dynamics recent inventions of robots and the way that the area seems to be being blasted with tech so hard that its impossible to function as well as the new anti homeless sentiment. The locals here, now mostly YUPpies, look at you with hatred and disdain- something never experienced by me as a local in this area. Usually people mind thier own business in the northeast urban areas.
The soul has been ripped from this place. Traditions have been destroyed. There is something very telling about having to had destroyed every single statue of mother Mary that existed within Boston, Brookline and other areas. Only certain churches in Brighton on side streets still have such statues and they are taking care of Brighton by doing what they do to any area in the USA or Europe that YUPpies dont invade or dont want- filling it up with immigrants or blacks who dont care.

I am being guided or actually forced out of the area by these changes. I used to feel I had allies here and people that at least knew what had really taken place and felt actually urged to get a lawyer and get justice for myself.
I now feel thats gone. Theres some sort of change in the guard and the new leadership as well as the predomanently YUPpie population here cant stand me, thinks I am just a crazy homeless woman and wants me gone from the area. Its as if any connections I had to what really happened here are now gone. HOW CAN A WAR CRIME OR AN INJUSTICE GO AWAY WITH TIME WHEN IT IS STILL NOT RESOLVED???

This is the work of tech and chemical influences as well as continued psychological warfare on a daily basis. I know it is becuz tonight for the first time in a few weeks I am in the church basement again. Just being in the basement of a building thats solid and old is enough as the influence has subsided enough for me to think straight. I see clearly that I have been frazzled, acting crazy and reacting way to easily to the goading and baiting of black psy ops or COINTELPRO agents in public. I use the N word multiple times daily and have been reduced to focusing on my racial bitterness from being targeted by a predominently black gang stalking system over the years, instead of being able to focus on lawyers for myself as well as just to be able to officially file something testifying to being a victim witness to war crimes.

It never concerned me before if people belived me or not. My book was supposed to take care of that or I just didnt care becuz I know they are either in denial or in on it either way its counter productive to care about people who arent on the side of right at this time in history.
Ive been nothing but effected by public opinion lately- in fact its destroying me. WHY??

Partially its becuz the west coast is off limits due to Fukishima and they've destroyed my home base in Harvard Sq, where I was born, where I have power just by being here. I have no support system. No tribe. They destroyed my original home and family and now they have destroyed the ones I created for myself in these long years trying to fight this system. However instead of buy into the BRAINWASHING as that is all it is outside right now- I realize that with events like Google buying DARPA funded Boston Dynamics as well as looking at thier creations I can plainly see that its simply the furthering of the NWO in ways that we always were afraid of or that we knew would come but didnt want to face would ever be real or come into being in real life.
There is something more horrible going on now than ever was during Bush. I think it might have seemed better to be tortured to death at least by a traditional power monger of the elite in a country you recognized that at least let you exist margnalized on the fringes in American sub cultures that were traditions than to be reduced to a zombie like state in a place totally ripped from you run by a strange person, invaded by foriengers who dont want to assimulate and by YUPpies who seem both strange and foriegn and almost inhuman.
Perhaps Boston Dynamics invented them-the first andriods or cyborgs?

 I am definately being prompted to leave the area in no uncertain terms. Like there is nothing left here at all.

Whats more odd is the state of being I have where it feels like there is nothing left of ME at all. Which is something I have never experienced in during this entire campaign.

I dont think I EVER felt completely isolated and abandoned. I always had my inner world and my SELF. Whatever is out there now has the power to take that away.

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