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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Native Amerian Genocide and Jewish Racism

Jews in the FBI and Justice Dept? Are you serious?

That means that anyone that these people consider to be "morons" or are jealous of or are disliked by them are going to suffer through their conspiratorial networks. Is this why there was so much Jewish involvement in my gang stalking campaign, in Newton, MA and Brookline, MA especially?

This is probably why my father Daniel O---- also targeted for knowing too much about my mother's family being involved in the MK Ultra project, related so much to Native Americans in this country.
He used to claim he was Native supposedly but with all my great grandparents coming from Eastern and western Europe, is totally impossible. I suppose the facial structure from being Lithuanian and Polish is also Asiatic, probably some Tartar or other Asiatic DNA somewhere, as many Russians have.

Ironically people thought I was Jewish in my own hometown that didnt know me which is totally laughable.

If you are from the northeastern USA you dont realize until you frequent the south and northwest as well as the west coast, that the Native American DNA resides mostly in the old money people here in New England. Now that I know what a Native face looks like from seeing pure Natives out west- even some of the founding forefathers of the Revolution seem to look Native, which I am sure no one would ever want to admit to.

Its always disgusted me, the theatrics built to demostrate and keep in mind for us as a nation, the Jewish Holocaust, specifically that monstrousity near Haymarket/Govt Center in Boston thats along the roadway, part of which has constant smoking coming up through a grate in the ground, for dramatic effect.

Yet we stand on, and thats built on stolen land. Land thats never been healed.

When you see the Natives out west, you grasp the continuing pain and suffering not only of an entire people, millions if not billions of people but of the land itself. I suppose I have a skewed perception due to being houseless and have met many drunk suffering Natives. At OCCUPY in Albuquerque, NM I learned just how much pain remains in an entire race of people on this continent. Lets not forget all the rest of the Americas that are permanently screwed up economincally, religiuosly and socially due to being mostly populated by Native peoples. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Santa Domingo, Cuba, Central and South America.

Its not even my damn hemisphere for X's sake when you look at it realistically. What here is mine? What here do I come from?
The only bond I have with the Native peoples or the land is my slightly Asiatic bone structure from some indegenous Asiatic peoples, in some part of Eastern or western Europe. The "stone age societies" that the Jewish racist refers to Natives as. Which by the way, gives us strength, spiritual toughness, healing powers, psychic prowess, better health and strength etc etc than scrawny, weak, fragile regular Europeans-most of whom were made weak by the Inquisition, the Plague, the feudal systems etc.

This is yet another  reason to leave the USA. I myself feel like a Native American, my way of life being snuffed out- the End Of The Trail for me and every other TI.

And the Jews and everyone else for that matter in the USA treat me like crap and are just as uncaring and callous about the injustice thats happened to me.

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haze42082 said...

Hey really cool piece on the natives. You should look into russel means,john trudell, and aim(american indian movement)! Only when the wicked worldly system turns against the whites and makes them the next indians or blacks will they wake up. They dont care unless it happens to them.