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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Outside Small Town Savannah GA. Getting Remote Influence ..Yet Its So Pleasant Here

In a small town outside GA. Military here in GA as I posted on arrival. Chatham county kinda sucks for being targeted and and anywhere that was technically in Savannah even outside of Savannah was hellish. I didnt even bother to go into the city. Anti homeless laws are strict anyway.

The biggest thrill that perps have seemed to have gotten here is snapping three photos of me under a tarp in the rain sleeping on the side of a dumpster @ Denny's. (I heard the click of the camera on a cell phone.)
Its probably a big deal to them that i got stuck in the rain and sought emergency shelter there. They are going to show the pics to some self satisfied total asshole who is in part getting off on the campaign to destroy my life. It could be any arrogant f*ck in the military or agencies...or organized crime.
It could be part of continued ritual abuse or MK Ultra as in following the targeted Survivor's progress.

Who gives a f*ck? Its all in a normal day for a road traveler. It's part of the culture. Blow it out your asses.

Also I finally got away from those totally creepy Christians I was hanging out with. The one guy who introduced me to the others, a trucker, had to beat a pedo charge years ago and since being around him not just phone buddies as we were I dont trust him. I thought he may have had some redeeming qualities like he simply was an older person displaced from American life since the YUPpification but he truly is just a weak male type who refuses to have sense. My Harvard friends all had creeped out feelings about him and they were correct. There's no way I should be anywhere near the Pentagon or anyone who was a consultant for them or any other major complex contractor.
Also there was something creepy about the family with their daughter. I wont get into it.

Its what this system does when they know the Target is going to be deslerate for friends or companionship or resources and will network with anyone who seems halfway decent or trust worthy.

This area has alot of Native burial ground which offsets the other influences.

I read that a musician lives here and some guy a few minutes ago insisted on telling me so. Its irrelevant to the mission. The guys son worked with my ex that they used so effectively to destroy my life. He looks like mr. Nordic Scottish guy and perps thought I was Jewish yet my ex even with his good blonde looks is the one with Jewish heritage. His mother's father is from one of these Carolina's and converted decades ago.

So now my ex has taken his rightful place working in Hollywood with his people i guess lol.

The musician who resides here..i mean who cares? He either is in with the Dixie or some other organized crime crap from the industry and goes along with the agenda as well as he hates his ex wife whos also brunette and sympathized with my ex based on some psychotic sense of similarity between this 'bitch" who ruins poor little blonde rich boy's lives OR he is a sympathizer, based on believing as many do in fighting the NWO and perhaps that his dead brother was also someone that would just grab his gear and go travel.
OR he has no idea who the hell I am and has a life he's living...unlike the people doing harassment for this system.

Its all diversionary.
None of it matters in relation to the book Im supposed to write. Its a blow to my ego connected to my personal life which is being worked heavily nowadays...in order to keep me from moving forward of course.

They are also trying to torture me into 'confessing' everything about myself and this situation probably as a means of bonding me to the society in a way that I will no longer be seperate. No privacy etc.

Remember the military thinks 'disconnection is danger' and this doesnt apply to just foriegn nations. They want individuals broken down and brainwashed and trauma bonded into the American NWO cult.

It's interesting here and I get alot of clear good writing done but living here would probably be a bad idea. Anywhere in the US is when the country sees you as a threat. Even though they are the bad guys and you're the victim. The war criminals that are Americans consider anyone not in line with their interests to be a threat.

Oh I also had a strange Harvard Sq experience where some lady posing as a TI (something they tried this year in Harvard and the shelter there) told me that all Targets are "taking on the karma of the United States" claiming someone said that to her.

One of the crazies around Harvard came over and in a moment of clarity recognized her and said he remembered her from two years ago totally changing her story. I saw a flash go through her eyes and i just knew at that moment: 'US military'. She tried to regain her front but it was too late.
I avoided her after that.

Thats why Harvard has to get rid of all of us. Theres agents running around there, defending the place who dont even know who they are. Either that or they are playing crazy becuz he got coherent real fast and with a sense of a James Bond moment that was very real.

This is why old money and other people want special scenes like Harvard left undisturbed. Perhaps for experimentation but also due to alot of activity taking place thats unseen by the public and unconscious even to its participants.

This old wisdom as to the working of things in the long term could not be more lost on YUPpies and new money.

Which of course is why the NWO wants it destroyed. So THEY and their little technomancer friends can try to play gods.



  1. The latter part of your post makes a lot of sense. After reading that, it made me think a little. I was thinking that the reason they target us so hard is that we as TI's make them feel as though they aren't gods. And they can't have that, so they try to get the mobs going where a bunch of average people with no extraordinary abilities can go after targets with their false beliefs that they are superior to the target simply because they know others are after us and killing off part of us. Meanwhile, the NWO higher ups are loving the fact that they have power and influence over people who aren't really a threat to them, and they are doing their bidding as a bonus. They don't like to feel weak and small, so they destroy anyone who are "bigger" than they are.

    And they love to play the homosexual angle with targets all the time. What's ironic is they and their full of themselves buddies are bonding over our destruction. Probably they are weaker males running these campaigns, and they see strong female TI's, and they realize they are really nothing special, and they can't compete with the strong female TI. And while they are doing this whole homo angle with targets (when they know the TI is straight), they are bonding with their male buddies, unseen to targets. Aw, maybe the higher up perps can't handle strong females, but they can sure bond with their buddies? Maybe they are the homos? But the NWO is all about covering up the truth and pretending. Like, let's pretend we are virulent men who rule over every females when we're really a bunch of little queers who bond with our unseen cowardly perp buddies. I think they should be looking at themselves if they want to see "fag" or "dyke" or "feak" whatever they are trying to do with male and female TI's. Because they're nothing special, and they need to belittle their slaves to feel special when they're not going to make TI's give up anyways, and they certainly aren't changing the truth and they aren't making themselves more stronger, more masculine (or feminine) or certain not any more attractive by going after targets. They can fuck off, and TI's have to keep standing strong against them and their little male bonding rituals.

  2. thats great you had the discernment to leave that situation with the truck driver. If I were you I would be careful about where you stay and all that. I'm not trying to freak u out but I get freaked out just seeing you write it. I feel so bad you sleep in the rough like that, I just couldn't imagine it. I like when you were talking before about maybe tryin to be somewhat normal like maybe work a little or atleast get into some housing again. Please dont think Im some agent because I'm saying this, it's just I dont know how you can deal with the circumstances you deal with that I have seen from your writings. It's obvious that you been doin it a while because you talk about it so non chalontly like its no big deal. I cringe everytime I see you mention something like sleeping beside a dumpster under a tarp to block the rain, and then some scumbags takin pictures thinkin their funny. It's sad what this world has become. You can live and work and still be an activist kinda anyway lol. It was nice to see some positivity in ur life even it was just a little. Take care God bless!!!!!!!